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“Kalism” (Remix) (preview)

 **Note: Throwback Thursday has become quite the phenomenon thanks to social media sites. People from all walks of life take trips down memory lane via: photos, music, videos, etc. So The Illixer decided to join the party. Every once in a while the site will feature content that takes readers back in time. Cheers to the good ole days.

The Kali better known to the masses as Kali Tribe are a Milwaukee based group that came to be back in 1985 (my birth year, haha). Their specialty was conscious style Hip-Hop. Throughout the course of their career they maintained an impressive membership including Speech of Arrested Development. However, the core members were: DJ Landoland, King Kamonzi (Blaqlizt Entertainment), Prince Ulami, and Pharaoh A Mac. They were managed by X’antony Brookens (Blaqlizt Entertainment, Kia Rap Princess). They saw a reasonable amount of success and even made history as the first group from Milwaukee to land a video on BET.