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Signif – Friction (Album Review)

by Miracle

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Earlier this month rapper Signif dropped the latest addition to her steadily growing catalog, Friction. The concept for the LP centers around the day to day life conflicts that people endure or have endured, including Signif herself. She discloses: “I played off the ‘Friction’ title, because even though I live and practice a peaceful way of living and thinking, I’m still faced with a good amount of opposition, so I wanted to address some of those situations.” Her motivation behind the collective was to: clear up misconceptions, engage listeners in her viewpoints on social issues, and to have fun. The project is backed by Intelligent Dummies and contains 13 tracks total, one of which is a bonus item. Additionally, four of the album’s singles have already been featured on the site and the reviews can be seen above. Venture beyond the break to find out what other records captivated the site.
The production here is low key. The slight bass, domesticated background components, central rhythm, and penetrating vibe settle neatly together. The hook is essential. The delivery is of a conversational tone and the lyrics are weighty. The verses are the truth. Signif rolls out a down to earth flow, pensive wordplay, and depictive bars. She paints a picture of the problems that plague the less fortunate while at the same time providing some measure of hope. Observe as she spits: “Still facing reality. Tough pill to swallow. When innocent babies sitting in strollers get killed by hollows. And you living off McDonald’s. Just a product of your environment. Subsidized housing, the living conditions are hell bent. They say we our own worst enemy. So let us be free to kill each other off at no cost. That’s two birds with one stone. One head stone but two lives gone. The other’s behind bars.” Those are some engrossing bars right there. Overall, this song is a must hear.
“Runnin’ Away”
The production here is unique. The funky infrastructure, eclectic secondary ingredients, colorful tempo, and infectious vibe result in a pleasurable mixture. The hook is a gem. The delivery is polished and the lyrics are effortless. The verses are interesting. Signif puts forth a rhythmic flow, savvy wordplay, and innovative rhymes. She addresses a variety of different scenarios both good and bad in a very snazzy fashion. An excerpt from her notions includes: “You a little less righteous though. That’s probably cause they have your soul. Or you forked it over. Then can’t blame the controller. This ain’t GTA. My mama said go get your MBA. I said nah. I think I’mma rap today. And a decade later at 40 still holding a forty, I hope y’all still support me. Either way I’m in it for the glory. Screaming Lordy oh Lordy til my last days coming. Can’t keep running away.” One has to admire the artistry within those words. All in all, this is a jamming effort.
“The Connect”
The production here is noteworthy. It is furnished with: a fresh base, complimentary musical details, an expressive pace, and a silken vibe. The hook is non-conventional. It entails well-bred DJ cuts and easy to comprehend lyrics. The verses are of a deluxe quality. Signif dispenses a trademark flow, lofty wordplay, and capable rhymes. She gives the listener a taste of her self-assured side while at the same time making a few nervy yet real points. A handful of standout lines are: “You don’t have to throw out your nice things. Or maybe you should. If we living check to check, get ya ish in check. All that bs you’re talking won’t protect ya neck, when they building an army to harm we. So I try my best to harness good energy. Devotion to the curb for cats who don’t keep they word. So cry me a river. And do your best to deliver the goods as you should.” Those are some intellectual bars wrapped in an atypical package right there. As a whole, this is an A-1 number.
**My Two Cents: Friction is a top-shelf project. The content is thought provoking and impressive as always and the production is mint. The guest appearances fit in gratifyingly too. One can always tell that Signif gives her very best whenever she releases material. Readers needing a fix of genuine quality Hip-Hop should put this on play asap. It will not disappoint. In other news, Signif is amongst the artists heading to Atlanta next month to represent for Milwaukee at the A3C Festival. Those attending the big weekend can get details on the show here. The Illixer would like to congratulate as well as salute her for holding down the home team while being on the East Coast. May she have a safe trip and a great set. -MinM

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