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Signif – “Late Night Jazz”

by Miracle

Signif Late Night Jazz(Photo By Signif)

“Late Night Jazz” (listen/download)

Milwaukee/New York femcee Signif is back in action. She is preparing to follow up her last LP, Significant Wizdom II: Atypical.  Her follow up project will be an EP dubbed, Friction. The EP will drop later this year and is produced by Radio Raheim. The first single from the pending release was shared with the site a little bit ago. It’s called “Late Night Jazz.” The song serves as the sequel to a record off of Signif’s 2010 debut, The Transition. Said record is “Afternoon Jazz” and it was one of Signif’s more popular cuts. Here is what the creative spirit shared about her fusion of Hip-Hop & Jazz: “I feel Hip-Hop and Jazz have an estranged marriage. I’m influenced by the era and want to celebrate that. The chorus and the third verse of both songs pay homage to the Jazz greats as well as me telling my story along the way. In “Afternoon Jazz” I was more undecided on so many things as an artist but was ready to take a risk that could lead me anywhere good or bad. But on “Late Night Jazz” you hear a more confident artist who has found their niche and their self along the way without losing sight of the cause.”

The production here is good. It is comprised of a low level bass, subtle Jazz instruments, a mid-tempo rhythm, and a casual vibe. The hook is unorthodox. The delivery is lively and the lyrics are abstract. There is also a brief break after the hook that features a very becoming sound clip. The verses are gratifying. Signif lends her one of a kind flow, novel wordplay, and pacifying rhymes. She does a fine job of reflecting her comfort level with her career while at the same time paying homage to a well respected genre outside of Hip-Hop. A couple of lines worth checking out are: “We in there but not really. Radio Rahiem got the beat hitting silly. Most of these dudes is so ify. Most of these chicks is so ify. I don’t discriminate. Nah. Stay on my toes like tippy. (…) I will always love you. My body guard is tough like cordon bleu. I don’t eat it over. Watch me make it do what it do. I’m a beast. I’ll feast if I need to. Okay survival of the fittest while I’m on my calisthenics. While you trying to be creative with ya Instagram pictures.” Those are some inventive bars coming from Signif. Overall, this was a top-flight continuation of “Afternoon Jazz.”

**My Two Cents: This was a cool track. I think it was a neat idea for Signif to create a companion single to “Afternoon Jazz.” I love her take on the genres of Hip-Hop & Jazz. It’s definitely something different. I studied both in college, so I can relate to her connection to the two music classifications. In other news, Signif is about to embark on a very exciting journey towards the middle of this month. She will be making her European tour debut in Paris, France on the 19th at L’ international. That is an awesome look and we here at The Illixer offer her congrats and wish her the best of luck overseas! -MinM

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