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Pizzle – “25: B*tch Don’t Kill My Vibe Freestyle” (Video)

by Miracle

IMG_1731_zps83ce993f(Photo By Pizzle)

Insomnia 2 (listen/download)

Rapper Pizzle (OSAT Music International) is not slowing down just because his Insomnia 2 mixtape has dropped and is doing well. He made that evident via his recently put together freestyle to Kendrick Lamar’s smash hit, “B—h Don’t Kill My Vibe.” He coined his take on the track “25.” He also teamed up with  HD Designz & Mad Dope Visuals to create a video for the track. Check it all out below.

The freestyle itself opens with a few quick words from a peculiar sounding voice. Pizzle comes in shortly afterwards and nails the song. He utilizes both his cool calm collected side and his more high energy one. Additionally, he switches up between a carefree style flow and one with a more intense rapid tempo. He excels on all fronts due to his blue ribbon wordplay and quintessential rhymes. He proves that he is more than deserving of all of the kudos he’s been receiving as of late. A handful of special lines are: “For the n—as who don’t plan to hustle but be standing right up under the rim. Laughing at a n—a like me that’s struggling to make it when I know my s–t better than theirs. In my mind I’m the greatest. Go hard everyday til that s–t is embedded in theirs. Yeah, these n—as who they bringing my name up with now got me thinking I need better comparisons.” Those bars are an ill way to begin the freestyle. The video for this offering was shot outdoors amongst some railroad tracks. It is laced with motion and angle effects. Pizzle is showcased in a couple of different looks as well as shown from a few different vantage points. The flick concludes with a shot of Pizzle turning away from the camera and a transition to a blown up advertisement for his website. As a whole, both the freestyle & video are of top grade quality.

**My Two Cents: This is the best take on “B—h Don’t Kill My Vibe” that I’ve heard so far. Pizzle owned it for sure. His wordplay was crazy, especially towards the end. If readers haven’t already, they should visit that link and peep Insomnia 2. And give the emcee some social networking love via Facebook and Twitter as well. -MinM

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