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Kendrick Lamar – “B*tch, Don’t Kill My Vibe” (Video)

by Miracle

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Every album has one track that becomes an instant fan favorite and Kendrick Lamar‘s Good Kid, M.A.A.D City album is no different. Said single for this LP was “B*tch, Don’t Kill My Vibe.” It became an instant quote on social media sites and has two remixes in circulation. One remix features the eccentric Lady Gaga and the second remix which is the official of the two features veteran rapper Jay Z. The single has a lethargic pace, gentle background musical ingredients, and very magnetic content. Earlier today, Kendrick unleashed quite the interesting video for the track. Peep it after the break.

This video was directed by Lil Homies and OG Mike Mihail. The visuals open with a glimpse of a church. Lamar is seated in the back of the sacred institution. He and the other individuals inside of the church are dressed from head to toe in all white. After about a minute or so into the piece, it is revealed that everyone is present to attend a funeral. Lamar walks subtly up to an all white casket, briefly pays his respects, and then exits the church. Once outside, he hops into a limousine for the funeral procession. The limo ride starts off with Lamar riding alone gazing out of the window. Then all of a sudden it becomes a full fledged party complete with: women, alcohol, and dancing. It’s a very high energy turn of events. As the limo is en route, the camera cuts way to a clip of Lamar being baptized. This is not just any baptism though. He undergoes the sacred ritual in a “pool full of liquor” and the procedure is performed by comedian Mike Epps. The procession eventually reaches a spacious open field where the casket is unloaded. A lot of Lamar’s solo shots are done in the field throughout the visuals as well. At first, the field takes on the looks of a traditional situation where a casket is about to be placed into the ground. But then just like with the limo, things give way to some major festivities. Epps and Lamar are even shown clowning around in the front of the casket; striking poses, making faces, and laughing it up. Not exactly what one would expect at a pending burial. The flick ends with a shot of a white rose falling to the ground and then the subject of the service is finally unveiled. The affair was for the death of the popular yet dangerous designer drug Molly. So maybe the celebrations were appropriate after all. It should be noted that rappers Schoolboy Q and Juicy J make cameos in the video too. As a whole, this was a pretty formative flick.

**My Two Cents: I thought this was a really good video. The execution could have been a little more concise but overall it was pretty inventive. And I love the message. People are quick to glamorize drug use and the drug culture but then want to cry out when someone gets addicted or overdoses. It’s a shame. Major salute to Kendrick Lamar for taking a stand and making a statement. Good Kid, M.A.A.D City is available now on iTunes. And Lamar’s fans can also catch him on fellow emcee J. Cole‘s new series Born Sinner here. -MinM

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