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OG Dutch Master – “My Last O” (Video)

by Miracle

image(Photos By Chad W.)

OG Dutch Master is a rising talent from Baltimore, MD. He ventured into music, fashion, and graphic design at an early age to avoid going down the wrong path in life. His exposure to the Hip-Hop scene came from his job at a local boutique in Baltimore. The establishment hosted numerous rap cyphers and showcases, some of which included key artists like newest Bad Boy Records member Swagga Boy Los. OG Dutch Master worked behind the scenes at the events, keeping things organized and running smoothly. He used his position as an opportunity to learn the do’s and don’ts of the game. Additionally, he states that seeing Los go from rapping in a small venue to signing with a legendary company like Bad Boy Records is a source of inspiration. The other situation that impacted Dutch to take his music more seriously was the unfortunate death of his father. After enduring the hardships of growing up in B-More and suffering such a major loss, Dutch was ready for a change. He made his debut in 2012 and has been pushing full steam ahead ever since. Following his debut, OG Dutch Master went on to: release a mixtape, drop a few videos, conquer a couple of tours, build a respectable fan base, as well as gain some valid media attention and co-signs. His end game is to make a positive contribution to the already established Baltimore legacy through his passion for music and fashion.

As of now, OG Dutch Master is pushing a single/video that he did inspired by the late great J. Dilla. He sampled Dilla’s “Last Donut Of The Night” instrumental and utilized it to pen his own personal tale. For anyone who may have missed the original, the beat is solid. It contains a plush foundation with reserved musical ingredients, soulful background vocals, scratching, and a natural vibe. There is no hook present. OG Dutch Master just spits with no breaks. He does a valiant job. He offers up a differentiable flow, raw wordplay, and state-of-the-art rhymes. He speaks on: his humble beginnings, his struggles, and his career. A handful of lines worth noticing are: “I can feel my stomach rumble. So a n—a went and hustled. I was hungry with a plug. So a n—a sold drugs. Started with an ounce. Graduated to a half. That’s when s–t hit the fan. Had s–t moving fast. Grams on demand like my name Comcast. Green, white, and tan; block work contrast.” Clever street lyrics being shown off right there. Overall, this was an esteemed way to pay respect to Dilla.

Earlier this month on National Doughnut Day (6-7-13), Dutch discharged a video to this tune. The selected release date was a colorful nod to Dilla and his last completed work before his passing. It was shot and edited by fellow Baltimore native, Chad. The video takes place in Dutch’s various stomping grounds within his city. The plot is fairly simple, as the camera just follows Dutch while he’s out and about doing his thing. There are some brief live clips dispersed throughout the piece too though. The flick is spruced up via a black & white color scheme and Dutch’s mannerisms. The visuals close out with a shot of Dutch standing alone amidst large piles of discarded wooden planks. As a whole, this was a quick yet dope watch.

**My Two Cents: OG Dutch Master is one of the best new artists that the site has had the pleasure of featuring in the past couple of months. He has a style all his own, both musically and fashion wise. Also, he has some fierce bars under his belt. I totally understand why he is causing a bit of noise in the Hip-Hop scene. Readers can visit the provided link to continue to get to know the Baltimore native or they can check him out on YouTube and Twitter. On another note, rest in peace to J. Dilla! -MinM


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