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Signif F/ Aldrick – “You’re Beautiful” (Premiere)

by Miracle

unnamed(Photo By Signif)

There is nothing more exciting when working in the world of music than: exclusives, first listens, leaks, etc. So when The Illixer was asked to premiere the next release from our sis Signif, it was readily accepted. The song is titled “You’re Beautiful” and it was produced by Tay Lee. Additionally, it contains a guest appearance from singer Aldrick. The production here is one for easy listening. The immaculate foundation, symmetrical background details, placid tempo, and welcoming vibe result in a five star blend. The hook is top of the line as well. The vocals are interwoven superbly with the rapped portion. The lyrics are endearing. The verses are uplifting. Signif utilizes a compatible flow, knowing wordplay, and encouraging rhymes. She sends out an extremely important message about accepting as well as loving oneself in spite of the standard of beauty and normalcy that society has set. She spits: “You growing older. Feeling stronger. Knowledge of self. Ya mind is like a boulder. It can’t be moved by what the media spews. You’re so in control. They don’t control you. If you don’t see yourself in it, don’t support it. So all that loud noise gets avoided, muted. Still they never talk about the other side of real. So what’s the deal to the ones living right. Your mind takes flight above the ignorance. Call you magnificent. You got it figured out. That’s the difference. Knowledge in abundance. Filled with substance.” The implication behind those words is extremely compelling. As a whole, this record is a jewel that needs to be heard worldwide.

**My Two Cents: This was an awesome selection all the way around. The beat was perfection and the content was moving. Signif really came with an honorable purpose on this one. I’d have to say this is my favorite track of hers to date. I have no doubts that readers will love it too. And don’t forget Signif has a project on the horizon called Friction which is due out this Summer. So be sure to keep an eye and or ear out. -MinM

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