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$Young Roy$ – GradKnight (EP Review)

by Miracle

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In the spirit of graduation season, Fresno rapper $Young Roy$ decided to acknowledge his own crossing of the high school threshold by dropping a new EP. The EP is labeled GradKnight. It is packed with a total of eight tracks that chronicle Roy’s: completion of school, future ventures, and successful musical endeavors. Continue on after the break to see what The Illixer thought of the 18 year old’s tribute to one of the biggest milestones in his life.

“Fucc Boy”

The production here is fire. The deep rooted bass, savvy secondary ingredients, breezy rhythm, and intense vibe make for an undeniable combination. The hook is kosher too. The delivery is smooth and the lyrics are entertaining. The verses are sick. $Young Roy$ serves up a premium flow, memorable wordplay, and vicious rhymes. He puts the no-nonsense side of his persona on full display for the listener to take in as he demonstrates his prowess on the mic. A couple of lines to be aware of are: “Back up in this b—h like f–k the intermission. And this is my graduation so I wrote this in detention. Considering all the times when I was up for suspension for killing all of you rappers. Do I dare forget to mention that Welcome 2 My World got me f–king without permission. And I’m gaming all these women. They might just pay my tuition. Cause I’m no college dropout. Word to Kanye. But I’m really power tripping. Shout out to my n—a J. Cole. The king’s home. You ain’t gotta watch the throne.” Those are some ill bars right there. Overall, this selection is a banger as well as a site favorite.

“They Love”

The production here is quality. The dramatic foundation, weighty eclectic background elements, laid back tempo, and indifferent vibe work together satisfyingly. The hook is decent. The delivery has an interesting melody to it and the lyrics are easy to grasp. The solitary verse is estimable. $Young Roy$ presents a taunting flow, complimentary wordplay, and sufficient rhymes. He does a fine job of showing off the reason for his popular reputation amongst his peers. A few lines worth observing are: “It’s Young n—a. I’m the one they love. Told you I’m a make it. Even when push comes to shove. Stealing all these b—hes. Gary Payton you, no glove. I could never trust these hoes but I’m the one they love. No Lil Durk but this ain’t what you want. These n—as cuffing b—hes. Say they love ’em. But we don’t. Yes I’m waging war. You say you want it. But you don’t.” One has to enjoy the charisma within those words. As a whole, this is an adequate effort.

“We Sell It” F/ Rude Boy Pook & Keeqs

The production here is choice. The lumbering infrastructure, hefty musical components, creeping gait, and rough vibe result in a likeable mash up. The hook is modest. The delivery stands out and the lyrics are self-explanatory. The verses are copacetic. The trio bring secure flows, apt wordplay, and legitimate rhymes. They provide a dignified example of what their FTF crew is all about. Some high points from $Young Roy$ include: “Is it possible to overdose on money? Like is it possible to make it rain when it’s sunny? I’m the motherf–king weatherman boy. And when I come through man you know it’s gone be sunny. Half these b—hes give me money. Never going broke cause these b—hes give me money. Got so many b—hes you could probably take ’em from me. (Ha!) And I still get the money. Never trust the b—hes that you sleeping with boy. Check the b—hes that you creeping with boy. Better watch ya tongue cause I ain’t hearing that noise.” Those bars right there have a strong assertive tone to them. All in all, this is a feasible collaboration.

**My Two Cents: I first would like to congratulate $Young Roy$ as well as the rest of the class of 2014 on graduating. It is no small task to accomplish. Now on to the EP. GradKnight is a fair project. The production was consistent. The content was on the up and up. $Young Roy$ definitely improved on the notes mentioned in the previous review. He used more original beats, tightened his rhymes, and kept the guest appearances at a nice low number. All of which is a good look. As time goes on, I think he will continue to raise the bar even higher. Readers should take a listen to the album from start to finish and decide for themselves though. -MinM

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