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Bili Ro$e F/ Yo Dot – “Along The Way”

by Miracle

artworks-000081666083-n9cmq2-t500x500(Photo By Sound Cloud)

Rapper Bili Ro$e (The Lost) is wasting no time in releasing new material. He personally sent over his latest selection to the site just a few days ago. It happens to be a collaboration with Milwaukee elite and site regular Yo Dot. The song is titled “Along The Way.” The production here is A-1. It incorporates a sample of “Girl With The Tattoo” by R&B favorite Miguel. The quiet bass, somber background elements, mild rhythm, and weighty vibe result in a commendable mixture. The hook is composed of vocals from the Miguel track. The effect on the vocals fits in effortlessly with the beat and the lyrics are stirring. The verses are suitable. Bili Rose unloads first and Yo Dot owns the second half of the record. Each artist utilizes a genuine flow, pertinent wordplay, and businesslike rhymes. They paint a harrowing picture of life in the hood. A handful of lines worth embracing from Bili Ro$e are: “They say the rebels are gone. I say the rebels are lost. Get it? Got it? Then you good. The story of that little bougie prep from the hood. Oxymoron, I’m imploring my education. What’s good? What’s good? What’s popping? Heard these n—as are. Toting pistols, you belittle, they leave n—as scarred. In a time where they only pretend to be hard. What’s the message? Buy a chain. Pretend to be stars. That’s the lesson or impression we giving the youth. Screaming f–k you to the law cause we heard it’s cool. Probably deserve it too.” Those are some powerful bars right there. Overall,  this offering is a must hear.
unnamed(Photo By Bili Ro$e)
**My Two Cents: Bili Ro$e managed to impress me once again. I am absolutely crazy about the way the sample was put to use here and how the production turned out as a whole. It was very dope. And the content was nothing to take lightly either. Bili Ro$e and Yo Dot really flexed their skills on this one. I am quickly becoming a fan of Mr. Ro$e for sure. Readers definitely need to check this out. -MinM

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