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Music Quickies: Sam Sullivan – “Put It On” (Remix)

by Miracle

Big L Put It On Cover Art(Photo By Producers United)

The fam over at Producers United blessed The Illixer with yet another banger, brought to you in part by New Hampshire’s own Sam Sullivan. This teenage beat-smith is young and hungry and showed us just how bad with his remix to the Big L classic “Put It On.”

The first thing I noticed was how different the groove is. If you know anything about the original Big L song, then you know it is funky, mellow and has a kicked back vibe to it. It has a deep upright bass, light elevator music style piano keys, and a slick boom bap drum loop. It is simple to highlight L’s ill and intense lyrics and leaves room for his gritty voice to shine through.

Sullivan kicks it up a million notches and turns it into an all out knocker. Using mostly the vocals from the original, he redoes the whole beat. The kicks are heavy and hella thunderous, making the instrumental feel large. The bass is deep and has a synthy taste to it, yet its the stadium sized, synthesized horn/stabs that turn this track up to the max. The clap and snare sounds layer perfect and add a sexy clash to the whole thing. The most important part is that is still merges perfectly with Big L’s voice and lyrics.

There is not too much to say about this other than when the beat dropped, I damn near snapped my neck in half from nodding too hard to this. Sam Sullivan is cold and if he brings more of this, I’m sold. In the words of Kid Capri ‘put it on” Sam (lol). -Real McCoy

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