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Lou CharLe$ – “RiCH KiD$”

by Miracle

RiCH KiD$ Artwork(Photo By Luis Ornelas)

Lou CharLe$ is a rising rapper from the great state of Texas. The Dallas/Fort Worth region to be exact. He officially stepped on the scene in 2011 and has been creating a name for himself ever since. He is known for making tunes and putting on shows that are highly entertaining as well as enjoyable. So he’s the life of the party so to speak. He prides himself on being versatile and always giving his supporters something to look forward to. Currently, he is pushing a single called “RiCH KiD$.” The track is produced by EyeJay The Boy and serves as a farewell of sorts to the summer season.

The production here is zestful. The balanced foundation, sprightly musical ingredients, animated tempo, and diverting vibe culminate in an exciting blend. The hook is lively as well. The delivery is original and the lyrics are witty. It also incorporates a play on “If You Ain’t Got No Money” by Raheem The Dream. The verses are good. Lou CharLe$ laces the record with an enchanting flow, adequate wordplay, and commendable rhymes. He pens a suitable anthem cloaked in a bit of irony about avoiding getting caught up in material wealth in favor of remaining true to himself. A sprinkling of interesting lines are: “Tell me who you are and I’ll tell you who you ain’t. Young rich kids out here blowing all this cake. Ladies blowing kisses cause they notice that we winning. Tell them haters get a hobby. They can’t stop me from living.” Those are just a few brief bars but they capture the essence of the selection perfectly. All in all, this is a decent tune.

**My Two Cents: This is a recreational single. The beat has a nice groove to it and the content is favorable. It would not only be compatible for any adios to the warm weather playlists but any feel-good/shindig themed collections as well. Lou CharLe$ is a talented individual. He’s got a different sound when compared to the typical Southern artist for sure. Readers are certain to dig this offering. For more with the Texas spitter, be sure to visit the link at the start of the post. -MinM

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