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Signif F/ Elzhi – “Play 2 Win”

by Miracle

signif play2win 2(Photo By Band Camp)

September is shaping up to be a month that will bring lots of dope music. Amongst the artists giving us fly tunes will be Signif. Her upcoming project Friction drops on September 9th. To give fans one last taste before the big day, she released a new collaboration track called “Play 2 Win.” The record includes a guest appearance from Elzhi and was produced by JBM Beatz.
The production here is seasoned. It is made up of: a featherweight base, finespun supporting elements, a measured tempo, and a tame vibe. The hook is inventive. It’s comprised of various cuts put together by JDL. The cut from Signif herself is cleanly delivered and lyrically gets straight to the point. The verses are of a mindful quality. Signif speaks her peace on the first half of the song and Elzhi imparts his wisdom on the second portion. Both artists contribute subdued flows, effective wordplay, and absorbing rhymes. They communicate fundamental sentiments regarding dealing with the adversities of life and rising above them. Some lines worth meditating on from Signif are: “Smoking la getting by used to be my pastime. So caught up in the world when life passing by. You know the things that don’t matter but fill yo mind up with matter. Thinking you need to occupy all of the glitz and the glamor. Until you realize that everything that glitters ain’t gold. That one thing that sets you apart and sparks your soul. Powerful empowerment illuminates then glow.” Those are some strong reflective bars right there. All in all, this is an advantageous selection.
**My Two Cents: This was a stirring track. Signif and Elzhi touch on scenarios that I believe will hit home for a lot of people who come from the struggle. The production is also well tailored to both of their styles. It sounded great. I think this was a nice final leak before the album drops. Friction is now available for pre-order. A cool note about the LP is that it is available in cassette format in addition to the traditional cd and digital forms. Yes, you read that right. Signif took it back to the old school for her peeps. Be sure to hit up that link and secure your copy pronto. -MinM

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