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Deezy Da Paperboy – #JusDoinMe (Mixtape Review)

by Pooh Bailey

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Six months ago Deezy Da Paperboy released his first official album, Real Spit. On September 2, 2014, Deezy released his follow-up mixtape, #JusDoinMe. The mixtape would’ve been better if it were more of an EP. The Midwest Blog Tour 2 winner is extremely talented. His lyricism and creativeness is the reason he won. However, listening to this mixtape doesn’t quite do his talents justice. If Deezy would’ve made this mixtape an EP, I guarantee that Real Spit would get even more looks. So I’m going to help him out. Below are five tracks from #JusDoinMe that can stand on their own.

“Intro (#JusDoinMe)”

From the remake of a classic instrumental to the drums, the production on this track brings you in. “Intro” sounds like a top 10 hit on Billboard’s Hot 100. Deezy really knows how to make an actual record with a catchy hook. It takes years to develop that kind of skill.

“Act Like It” F/ Reckless

If you know me, then you know I love the sped up flow over a Trap beat. Deezy and Reckless went ham and it was much appreciated. “If you ain’t really real, don’t act like it;yes, Deezy gives us that catchphrase that we can go to the club with and dare someone to run up.


Produced by KDubThePhenom, “Runaway” shows us that Deezy is hungry for it. He’s giving us the back story before he snatches the title. Also, the video for this track was just released and will be hitting the site soon.

“Superior Soldier” F/ Chase Baby

Produced by Tony Fad, this is actually my favorite track. If I had one track to pick to convince you that Deezy is that dude, it would be this. Tony Fad is a problem on the boards and somebody needs to feed Chase Baby because he’s hungry. Lyricism – check, flow – check.


Do we mind if Deezy gets his LL Cool J on? Nope. Produced by 4Klassix, Deezy gives us a dope love song without it coming off as corny. He shows us he can be vulnerable without being Drake-ish or forceful. The 4Klassix production really brings the track on home. And the use of the female vocals was great.

So should you download this mixtape? Just to get these tracks, yes. Deezy Da Paperboy is really great at what he does and should receive a lot of support. However, this mixtape doesn’t fully showcase why Deezy is the reigning Midwest Blog Tour 2 winner. So I suggest copping Real Spit, download these tracks I mentioned from his current project, and watch his video “JFK.” That way you can see why Deezy Da Paperboy will be a future problem. So really check out Deezy and see why he will be a classic like Reebok, even though he’s doing it like Nike. -Pooh Bailey

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