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Website: www.mketoa3c.com

Event Page: http://www.a3cfestival.com/event-detail?event=buzz-mke

Important Info:

What – A handful of lucky Milwaukee artists have been granted the opportunity to participate in this year’s A3C Festival in Atlanta, Georgia. A3C stands for All Three Coasts and is regarded as one of the biggest Hip-Hop based musical festivals in the world. Though the festival has greatly expanded it’s spectrum to also include: education, pro-audio, film, style, and art. Since the start of the festival in 2005, the venture has gone from a regionally recognized event to an internationally recognized one. This year it runs from October 8th to October 12th.

When – The Milwaukee team is taking the stage on October 11, 2014 (Saturday) from 9pm to 12am.

Where – Apache Cafe (64 3rd ST NW)

Cost – See A3C Ticket Info

Why You Should Attend: Milwaukee is an extremely overlooked city when it comes to music. So any time that local artists get the chance to show off their skills at major events or amongst mainstream talents, it’s a pretty huge deal. Furthermore, having fans in attendance is evidence that these artists have a genuine and loyal support system behind them which is always a good look. Plus, the festival provides the opportunity for tons of networking and new experiences. There really isn’t any reason not to go if one has the funds and the availability. I’m sure the artists will all appreciate the love. And Atlanta has a reputation for being a fun inviting city. Which is a great condition for a little getaway. Congrats to all of the artists who made the show bill. The Illixer wishes everyone safe travels and a successful night. Please make the effort to check out the hometown crew in the ATL if you are able. -MinM

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