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El-Shareef – “Jerseys (Somethnboutme)”

by Miracle

jerseys(Photo By Sound Cloud)

Milwaukee rapper EL has taken on a new moniker to go along with all of the new music he’s been dropping as of late. He now goes by the stage name El-Shareef. A couple of days ago, his team sent over a new loosie he has in rotation called “Jerseys (Somethnboutme).” It falls just shy of three minutes in length and the caption under the single simply states: “Be nonchalant today, thanks.” Find out after the break if the track itself embodies the given sentiment.

The production here is enjoyable. The glossy base, refreshing musical components, lush tempo, and undemanding vibe make for a pleasant mixture. The hook is nice too. The delivery has a strong magnetism to it and the lyrics are plausible. The verses are proficient. El-Shareef sports an innate flow, artful wordplay, and maximal rhymes. While the nature of the song may be easy going, he certainly does not let up on the mic. Some lines to keep on repeat are: “Socially awkward, check the posture. Cause I won’t say a word to these faggots ’til I prosper. Never crack a smile but if I do give me Oscars. Cause ain’t s–t funny when you living off the state. Gotta make a life savings just to buy yourself a plate. How the f–k I’m supposed to cheese like everybody straight? Why the f–k am I at ease when it ain’t nobody safe?” One can not deny the trillness of those bars right there. In the end, this selection is a high grade number.

**My Two Cents: This was a great stand alone track. The production is sleek and gives off a cool vibe for sure. The content is impressive. El-Shareef really brought some choice material to the table. But that’s no real shocker as he has proven time and time again to be a consistent hit maker. I believe this will appeal to readers without question. So set aside a few minutes when you have a chance and take a listen. -MinM

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