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Blaqlizt Entertainment Presents: The Illixer’s Choice (Highlights)

by Miracle

(Photo By R.A. of BlackWorld Music Group)

On September 28, 2012 The Illixer took over Grainger’s Pub & Grill for the site’s second event of the year. It was titled The Illixer’s Choice and involved 9 previously featured local artists who remain consistent favorites and one guest artist from Chicago. DJ Bangaboy Kritakal operated the one’s and two’s to bring dope music selections during downtime. He also served up a lot of personality. J.D. The Chief and Mista Marcus of Bass Head Music were the hosts and they too helped keep things pretty lively. Of course the Blaqlizt Entertainment team was present and lending their services where they could during the night. They aided in keeping things functional. Couple that with the quality service of the Grainger’s staff and a healthy sized audience buzzing with anticipation. And there was all the makings of a worthwhile night. Check out some of the occurrences that stood out the most after the break.

Top 10 Moments:

10. The outside freestyle sessions. Nothing like a group of talented rappers getting together and doing what they do best just for fun. Much love to Kewl of Kingz Of The City. He seemed to be a favorite of those who were around to witness them.

9. Kingz Of The City‘s complete show. The group came with an animated aura and were very engaging. They rocked the audience with hood savvy lyrics and style. Each member shined as an individual but they also supported each other. The camaraderie on display was a pleasure to witness. And nobody has a better promo game then the Kingz. They sport their logo proudly on everything. That’s hot.

8. Flo’Tron‘s entire performance. They started off strong, grabbing the audience right away and maintaining their attention until the end. Also, the duo had a good positive energy going on and showed nothing but love to the other artists in the building. They ended their set with a dope rendition of their song “Morning Blessingz.”

7. Baby Face Monster making an appearance. He is a Chicago artist who is currently touring throughout the Mid-West. He was kind enough to stop by the event and grace the mic with a few of his more popular songs like “Smile.” He also did a lot of networking with other artists and just left a good impression on the attendees in general. Nice to see the different cities coming together.

6. Amerikas Addiction‘s set. They got the crowd hype, broke out their infamous dance moves, a shirt came off, etc. They basically did what they desired and those in attendance were with them all the way. They may have had the shortest set of the night but it was also one of the most memorable.

5. Bass Head Music‘s party on stage. They had a boombox mascot, a beach-ball, and a confetti machine. Nothing but good times from the beginning to the end of their set. The crowd really had a blast with the group.

4. Kia Rap Princess made her return to the stage after a brief hiatus and suffering an injury. She presented new tracks like “Take My Crown” and she also did her now award winning hit single “WTFUOn.” Plus, she came with her signature charm and groove. As usual, the crowd was beyond pleased with her show. It was truly a treat that she chose to end her break at this event.

3. Rockz Solid & Annie Mae blessing the stage. The duo performed selections off of their new album The Naked Truth. No one can deny the realness that Rockz has in her lyrics or the soul that Annie possesses in her vocals. And Annie too gets props for performing with an injury. She hurt her hand right before the event and still turned up and did her thing. That is a true artist right there.

2. Kal’L and Kaylee Crossfire‘s cover of “Hate That I Love You” by Rihanna and Ne – Yo. The duo had a great chemistry and perfect vocals. They did such a nice job that the audience wanted them to perform the entire song. That’s a pretty big compliment.

1. Scott Summers‘ saxophone solos. Summers is incredible at what he does and there was not one person in the building who wasn’t jamming out while he played. A huge thank you to Flo’Tron for inviting him.


**My Two Cents: This event turned out way better than the previous one. The venue was more spacious and even had a cool outdoor area. The deejay was active and professional. The hosts were on top of things. The attendance was great and all of the performers more then delivered. There were a few obstacles here and there but they were worth dealing with in the end. The night turned out well. People are ready for the next affair and so am I. Much love and respect to everyone who participated in The Illixer’s Choice! Those who missed it can peep the promo video above. A huge thank you to Joey Dee (BlockRockers / YUS) and Fat Boy for their camera work! -MinM

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