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Eric Lenz – “Fragile Alliance”

by Miracle

(Photo By AudioMack.Com)

“Fragile Alliance” (listen/download)

Eric Lenz is circulating another new release. This time it’s a song called “Fragile Alliance.” The production here is superior. It contains grave musical components, an unusual cadence, and a foreboding vibe. The hook is more like a break. It’s just some sample vocals and a couple of words by Lenz. It doesn’t add anything to the song but it doesn’t hurt the song either. It’s basically just there. The verses are engrossing. Eric sports his trademark flow, grim wordplay, and extremely artistic rhymes. He shares a narrative with the listener about a major betrayal at the hands of his beloved. He recounts: “On some s–t, Ben raised his strap like he was slick. I was quick but not quick enough. I caught one in the ribs. But I’m telling you this story so you know how I did. Grabbed the loot and his phone. I see a text from my chic saying: (Ben you take him out? We can live happily. Start a family). And s–t my wound burning again. Text her back from his phone like: (grab ya s–t. You know I did. On my way babe). Little do she know it’s not Ben.” Sounds like a scene from a crazy movie, right? The ending is pretty epic too. Overall, this is an ill number. If readers haven’t listened to any other Lenz single, they need to listen to this one for sure.


**My Two Cents: I loved the story in this song! It was a serious attention grabber. Eric gets major props for his creativity on this joint. His material just keeps getting better and better. I am really looking forward to the next song or video. -MinM

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