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Big Zay F/ Trunk Bussa – “Real Over Fake”

by Miracle

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“Real Over Fake” F/ Trunk Bussa (preview)

DJ Cell and the Young Urban Society have been working on a new phase in their movement. Everyone knows they have some of the best cats to ever touch the one’s and two’s in Milwaukee. Now they are unveiling that they have some pretty nice spitters as well. Joey Dee (BlockRockers) is one of them. And about a week ago they unleashed a new artist on the Hip-Hop world by the name of Big Zay. He hooked up with the one and only Trunk Bussa (DBFG) and they created a new street anthem entitled “Real Over Fake.”

Trunk Bussa pulled a double on this cut as he also serves as the producer. He did an honorable job too. The beat is subtle yet effective with a variety of hushed elements and a hood vibe. The hook is innovative. The delivery is favorably executed. The lyrics are heavy hitting. The verses are of high-class quality. Big Zay destroys the first verse and Trunk Bussa murders the second one. Both emcees present enriched flows, quick wordplay, and remarkable rhymes. They hold nothing back as they speak their minds as it relates to fraudulent individuals. Some lines worth observing from Zay are: “Zay and Trunk mothaf–ka do the math. Flow fresher than a f–king baby bath. Give em baby bottles with his baby a**. Ain’t no stopping this. Even told Toppers ain’t no topping this. Shout out to my n—as on the block and s–t. Smart like a n—a got his doctorate. I’m knocking it, non-stopping it. Like a Southwest flight out of sight. Flows go boom like it’s dynamite. N—a stay colder than a pound of ice.” In the end, this was a grade A collaboration by Big Zay and Trunk.

**My Two Cents: This song is ridiculous. Big Zay and Trunk outdid themselves on this one. DJ Cell and the Young Urban Society have been sitting on some serious heat. Can’t wait to see what they have in store next. So far they are really putting on for the Southside. Much respect and love to the camp. -MinM

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