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Milwaukee emcee Eric Lenz is back at it again. This time he dropped a new flick for a song titled, “The Thoughts II.” Obviously, this is a follow up to a previous song/video named “The Thoughts.” Both tracks are subtle jazzy cuts with a measured pace and intellectual rhymes. Each is a quality selection in it’s own way. However, the second single is just a tad bit stronger than the first. Find out why by peeping the video below.


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“Why Am I” (previous review)

Hip-Hop Addict (listen/download)

Creative Milwaukee rapper Watley Yeltaw officially released his project Hip-Hop Addict at the end of last month as mentioned in his debut feature on the site. The mixtape makes for the third official release in his career. The tape contains 17 tracks and a few guest appearances. Amid said guest appearances is familiar artist Eric Lenz. Hip-Hop Addict opens with a poem and ends with a piano based outro. But what happens in between? Continue reading after the break to find out.

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“Broke” (listen/download)

Milwaukee native Eric Lenz decided to share some new music with his supporters. The track he chose to release is called “Broke.” It was produced by Storm Watkins. The production here is engaging. It contains an eccentric rhythm, middling pace, and a casual tone. The hook is entertaining. The delivery is lively and the lyrics are straight to the point. The verses are of premium quality. Eric displays a biting flow, expert wordplay, and stellar rhymes. He completely nails the persona of a struggling individual while incorporating a blunt yet occasionally moral attitude. He unleashes: “I don’t give a f–k a lot. I found my f–king zone. And I don’t wanna say f–k your problems. But I got my f–king own. Save it for someone who cares. Don’t think about my phone. How I inspire these suckas and I ain’t even on? My style is mine f–k boy. Get your f–king own.” Harsh feelings being spit in those lines. As a whole, this song is a smash and a lot of folks will be able to identify with it’s message.

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Accidentally Imperfect (listen/download)

The last post featuring Milwaukee artist Eric Lenz was very well received. Also, it sparked interest in how he handles a full project. Therefore thought it would be nice to take an in depth look at his latest album, Accidentally Imperfect. Get the detailed scoop on a few tracks after the jump.