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Eric Lenz – “The Thoughts II” (Video)

by Miracle

Milwaukee emcee Eric Lenz is back at it again. This time he dropped a new flick for a song titled, “The Thoughts II.” Obviously, this is a follow up to a previous song/video named “The Thoughts.” Both tracks are subtle jazzy cuts with a measured pace and intellectual rhymes. Each is a quality selection in it’s own way. However, the second single is just a tad bit stronger than the first. Find out why by peeping the video below.


This video was directed and edited by Eric himself. The video opens with an attention grabbing shot of a stormy night sky. Following the opening scene, things give way to a black and white view of Eric doing his thing. Eventually, some color kicks in and Eric is shown spitting while hanging out in an underground structure. The view goes back and forth between the two different styles throughout the video. Additionally, Eric is also in a couple of outdoor scenes. One is in front of a brick building and the other features the young artist sitting curbside. The video also includes some special effects which result in slightly distorted images. The video finishes up with the promise of a new upcoming project from Eric dropping on New Year’s Eve. That would be a nice way to ring in 2013. In the end, this was a grade A piece of work.

**My Two Cents: Lyrically, I think this is the best I’ve heard from Eric Lenz yet. He went in with the rhymes on this one. The video was pretty standard but once again his mannerisms and the effects gave it that likeable factor. And I am excited for the new project. I don’t get online much around the holidays but I will definitely be checking for that. Mad props to Mr. Lenz! Keep pushing forward. At this rate, your time will come soon. -MinM

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