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Annie Mae & Rockz Solid – The Naked Truth: Raw And Uncut For The People (Album Review)

by Miracle

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The Naked Truth: Raw And Uncut For The People (preview/purchase)

“Righteous Brotha” (previous review)

Annie Mae and Rockz Solid of Brewed Fresh Records, LLC are two ladies who have made quite the names for themselves individually within the Milwaukee music scene. However, when the duo come together they are a serious force. Known for their strong personalities and  purposeful music with an old school tone, they leave a lasting impression in any situation. Earlier this month, the two teamed up to release their debut album The Naked Truth: Raw And Uncut For The People. They presented the project with an exclusive release party that featured: an upscale ambiance, a live saxophone player, and passionate performances. It was a one of a kind experience for the lucky group that got to attend. The Naked Truth consists of ten brand new original tracks, sole production by the infamous Krazy Beatz, and one lone feature: legendary saxophone player Scott Summers. Ready for a pure authentic blend of R&B and Hip-Hop? Then click the break for the 411 on a few tracks.

“American Dreamin”

The production here is flawless. It gives off a 90’s R&B/Hip-Hop feel with a mid-tempo pace and various soulful musical elements. The hook is decent. Annie’s vocals are refined and the lyrics are meaningful. The verses are striking. Rockz brings an easy going flow and heavy hitting rhymes. She tells three very daunting tales of individuals who live nightmares instead of the sensationalized almost impossible to obtain “dream” that people are supposed to be afforded. What makes her words so powerful is the fact that the situations she talks about are unfortunately realities for a lot of people. She spits: “She grew up in the hood where no one really mattered. The guys dealt drugs. The chics bruised and battered. Her cold heart. She couldn’t feel no sadder. Heard the sky was the limit but someone broke her ladder. Saw her homeboy in the streets with all his brains splattered. She heard the shots but froze as they scattered. Wishing it was her blood on the ground plastered.” Sharp images being put forth by the Southside femcee in those lines. Overall, this song is a must listen. The stories are tough but should certainly be heard.


The production here is great. The dramatic components and slow rhythm create an intense vibe. The hook is moving. The vocals are passionate and the lyrics are real. They reflect a life lesson that people know but don’t always acknowledge until it’s too late: “Don’t love me when I’m gone. Love me while I’m here. Loved you all along. Cause I ain’t guaranteed these years.” Chilling sentiment right? The verses are first-rate. Rockz exhibits a consistent flow, candid wordplay, and blunt rhymes. She makes it crystal clear that if people can’t appreciate her now, they shouldn’t bother later on either. She states: “Don’t pour out no liquor for me. No forty, no Hennessy. And don’t cry no gator tears if you wasn’t no friend to me. Should have found a common ground. I was surrounded by enemies. Two faced little suckas who lived life pretendingly. Making little moves acting like they was offending me. I stayed in my own lane. But I’m still praying reflectingly.” No non-sense words being dished out by the Brewed Fresh diva. All in all, this song is a hit and the favorite off of the album.

“Shoulda Known Better”

The production here is exquisite. The instrument driven core coupled with the light ingredients results in a serene vibe. The hook is four-star quality. Annie provides beautiful vocals with touching lyrics. The verses are premium. Annie graces the first verse with her continuously charming melodies and deep lyrics. Rockz chimes in on the second verse. She contributes a relaxed flow and introspective rhymes. Both ladies paint portraits of complex situations that they had to work through at the cost of almost losing themselves. Noteworthy lines from Annie Mae include: “Pain is such a shame but gotta hold on. Gotta stay strong, move on even when you wanna cry. Hold on, stay strong, move on even when you wanna die. Fly, fly, fly, fly; fly to a better place. Cause I know I can find a better way. Way out even when you doubt me. Curse my name. Even talk about me. (…) God protects me. Peace surrounds me. No matter what you did. I forgive you proudly.” Deep words right there from the Brewed Fresh songstress. In the end, this song is another hit and a close second for favorite song off of the album.

**My Two Cents: The Naked Truth: Raw And Uncut For The People is a wonderful debut from Annie and Rockz. The production is extremely impressive and the content is gripping. One can tell that Rockz and Annie really poured their hearts and souls into this project and that’s what makes it so appealing. It may not be the most lyrical project ever or be full of the superficial themes that typically fill R&B and Rap music. But the personal touches and the fact that it has substance make it a top contender up against anything else that is out right now. Readers should not let this one slip past them. Hit up Band Camp and check it out. Props to Trunk Bussa (DBFG) for engineering the project and to Joey D. (BlockRockers/YUS) for mixing it. -MinM

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