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Lyriciss – The Balance EP: Heart / “My Life” (Video)

by Miracle

(Photo By Lyriciss.Com)

The Balance EP: Heart (listen/download)

“My Life” (previous review)

DMV emcee Lyriciss just released the third project in his The Balance series titled The Balance EP: Heart. As usual the EP is presented by The DJBooth and Inner Loop Media Group. This EP follows the same format as the previous ones. Meaning it has four brand new tracks and a clean version for each track. Also, there is guest appearances by artists like K-Beta and production from familiar names like J-$crilla. Lyriciss has a special message to accompany The Balance EP: Heart too. He states: “To every single fan and supporter that stood by my side and kept rocking with me for the 7 months it’s been since the last EP…thank you. I’m not going to turn this into a sob story…just know a lot went on in my personal life AND my career that had me in a zone that wasn’t prepared to put out new music…now that I am…I want you to enjoy it all. Much love. I represent y’all, so let’s all represent us (#HAVENOTS)!” On that note click the jump for a break down of a single and set of visuals off of the EP.

“Handle My Biz”

The production here is top of the line. It encompasses: an array of strong intense musical ingredients, a luring cadence, and a serious vibe. The hook is premium too. The delivery is energetic and the lyrics are hot. The verses are sufficient. Lyriciss presents a colorful flow, quick wordplay, and aggressive rhymes. He conveys the message that he is not to be played with when it comes to this music thing. Lines to observe include: “Ready to win. Just give him the word. Then I’m a do this whole game like Robert Griffin III. Repping for home. I’m the rookie that they waiting on. F–k the politics. There’s no debating on whether I’m a get it or not. There’s no question. I’m here to occupy yo spot like I’m protesting.” Those are some pretty rugged words from the DMV native. Overall, this song is a winner.

In addition to dropping the EP, Lyriciss  unveiled a brand new video. The visuals are to the EP’s lead single “My Life.” The video was directed by Jamaal Teagle. The flick basically focuses on the emcee’s journey. So things kick off in 1996 with a glimpse of a young Lyriciss taunting young girls. From there, the viewer gets to experience bits and pieces of: Lyriciss as an adult in various surroundings, live shows, interviews, and more. There are also some special tricks involving screen splitting that are pretty neat. It gives everything a bit more flair. All in all, this was a straight forward and classic video.


**My Two Cents: The Balance EP: Heart is another satisfying offering from Lyriciss. He once again selected great producers and served up worthwhile content. And the video is a good look. It went perfectly with the track and was well put together. Readers are highly encouraged to check out both. The final EP in The Balance series is titled The Balance EP: Power and it is slated for release in the very near future. The EP will be followed by a debut album sometime in 2013. To catch further details and to just keep up with Lyriciss period, readers can follow him on Twitter. -MinM

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