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Eric Lenz – Accidentally Imperfect (Album Review)

by Miracle

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Accidentally Imperfect (listen/download)

The last post featuring Milwaukee artist Eric Lenz was very well received. Also, it sparked interest in how he handles a full project. Therefore thought it would be nice to take an in depth look at his latest album, Accidentally Imperfect. Get the detailed scoop on a few tracks after the jump.

“Royal Raps”

The production here is solid. It features a simple bass, a regal musical element, and a chill vibe. The hook is fair. The delivery is neat and the lyrics are self-explanatory. The verses are good. Eric contributes a strong steady flow, sharp wordplay, and adequate rhymes. He does a compelling job of demonstrating his majestic qualities to the listener. Observe as he spits: “Captain of the scholars. Pants sagging up in college. But these rich folks really don’t seem to be bothered. Keep hating on the kid, sho-nuff. I’m smoking outside the gas station finna blow up. Told ’em meet me at the top. I bet you they don’t show up. In college early, how I’m a act like I don’t know much?” Some very slick spitting going on in those lines. Overall, this song is on point and a smart selection for the beginning of the album.

“The Dance”

This track features a sample of “I’m Happy Just To Dance With You” by legendary group The Beatles. The production here is dope. It contains a rhythmical uptempo pace, a variety of sound effects, and a down to earth vibe. There is no hook on this cut. The uninterrupted verse is fly. Eric has an appealing flow, creative wordplay, and winning rhymes. He goes hard from start to finish, leaving a lasting impression on the listener. Striking lines include: “It’s right in my hands and I ain’t bout to let it slip. So f–k these b–ches and these suckas that be on that sneaky s–t. You slaving trying to please her. She know I don’t need her. She still creeping on you homie better call Cheaters. Haters don’t like my music and I ain’t tripping either. Lenz spit it so hot, he give the devil a fever.” Just a few lines but they are ill and show how nice Eric is on the mic. In the end, this song is a banger and a favorite off of the album.


The production here is refreshing. The musicality of the different components is very pleasing to the ears, the pace is perfect, and the vibe is liberating. The hook is sufficient. The delivery is fine and the lyrics are uncomplicated. The verses are respectable. Eric brings a relaxed flow and decent rhymes. He embraces the theme of the track well. However, he could have stepped his lyricism up just a notch. As is, it seems he held back just a tad on this cut. And he’s got way too many bars to ever hold back. All in all, this song is worth a listen or two. It’s not as heavy hitting as the previous selections but it’s still a worthy effort.

“Blame Game (Me Vs. Me)”

This is the final track on the project. The production here is of high quality. It includes a low key tone, a slow tempo, and a very serious vibe. This is another track without an actual hook. There is just a brief reference to the song’s title towards the end. The verse here is unique and cleverly done. Eric’s flow is proper. His rhymes are personal and authentic. The verse starts off as one constant piece and then transitions into more of a back and forth conversation style. The conversation is one that Eric has with himself. The change happens about half way through the cut. This was a very effective way to grab the listener’s attention. Check Eric as he spits: “What do people do when they see they dreams won’t work out. I don’t know and honestly I ain’t trying to find out. I think you is cause you be passing up on deals talking bout they ain’t correct and you don’t like the way they feel. Gotta start somewhere though, so Eric stop tripping. Everybody kinda sorta gets gypped in the beginning. Well not me. Too much drive for them to stop me. Them rappers kinda cool but then again they kinda not me.” Deep and reflective rhyming right there. Overall, this song is a hit and an ideal ending to the album.

**My Two Cents: I dig Eric’s style. He’s got a very laid back delivery about himself but his lyrics are not to be taken lightly. For such a young emcee, he’s got some serious talent. Accidentally Imperfect is a satisfactory project. The production is up to par for the most part and Eric steps up to the plate on almost every track. And the album is versatile enough overall to appeal to more than one type of music taste. But please go listen to Accidentally Imperfect on your own to see if you agree. And if you do, let Eric know how dope he is by hitting him up on Facebook and Twitter. -MinM

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