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Eric LeNz – “Hunger Pains”

by Miracle

(Photo By Eric LeNz)

“Hunger Pains”

Eric LeNz is a young artist on the rise here in the Mil-town. He has been rapping for as long as he can remember and is constantly working towards taking his career to the next level. Discovered his most recent offering on Facebook and decided to share it with readers. The song is titled “Hunger Pains.” The production here is on ten. It contains a medium bass, light musical components, emotional background vocals, and a mellow vibe. There is no hook utilized on this cut. Eric just spits straight through. But everything works out well due to the nice even pacing of the track.

The one continuous verse is dope. Eric provides a neat flow, solid wordplay, and quality rhymes. He does a gripping job of venting about his frustrations with: various life situations, his career, and more. Check it as he shares: “Yeah I want my money stacking. F–k the state and fed, my life does enough taxing. You watching the stars trying to copy n—as fashion. I’m watching the stars trying to notice all the patterns. Look me in my eyes and don’t ask me why I’m rapping. Biggie ain’t have this flow. And n—a Pac ain’t have this passion.”  Brief lines with an intense sentiment behind them. Overall, this song is worth a few plays. The honest content and laid back vibe would appeal to any listener. But please check it out for yourselves.

**My Two Cents: I liked this track a lot. It had a reality to it that I feel people will be able to connect with. And Eric has a different style about him. You can tell that he takes this music thing pretty seriously and that’s a good look. Readers can get more with Eric by liking his page on Facebook. Stay tuned to the site for more music from the young emcee in the future.-MinM

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