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Watley Yeltaw – Hip Hop Addict (Mixtape Review)

by Miracle

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“Why Am I” (previous review)

Hip-Hop Addict (listen/download)

Creative Milwaukee rapper Watley Yeltaw officially released his project Hip-Hop Addict at the end of last month as mentioned in his debut feature on the site. The mixtape makes for the third official release in his career. The tape contains 17 tracks and a few guest appearances. Amid said guest appearances is familiar artist Eric Lenz. Hip-Hop Addict opens with a poem and ends with a piano based outro. But what happens in between? Continue reading after the break to find out.

“Life Of A Loner”

The production here is good. The instrument, mid-tempo pace, and subtle sound effects mix well together and create a settled vibe. The hook is fair. The delivery and the lyrics are both straightforward. However, a portion of the hook is extremely difficult to hear. The beat drowns it out. The vocals need to be turned up a bit or the production needs to be dialed down. Either way would work and make the hook  a lot more effective. The verses are solid. Watley brings a clear flow, modest wordplay, and standard rhymes. He embodies the theme of the track but doesn’t bring that extra something to it until the final verse. He spits: “But you all best keep Watley off your tongue. And we off that. All this hating s–t I think it’s all whack. Can’t you see these people wanna see us all clash? Just a clever little way to keep us all back. And y’all feed it constantly. Man fall back. But as far as Watley, eh. It ain’t phasing him. Light years ahead writing lines with aliens.” He dropped some real science in those lines. If he came that profoundly for the whole track it would be epic. Overall, this song is decent. It could use tweaking here and there. But it has worthy moments.

“Born King”

The production here is great. It contains a low bass, a variety of high pitched musical elements, and a zealous vibe. The hook is quality. The delivery and the lyrics are simple but alluring. The verses are up to par. Watley exhibits an uptempo flow, adequate wordplay, and fine rhymes. He does a respectable job of displaying his skills while painting some vivid pictures with his words and speaking on various subjects such as following one’s dreams. Prominent lines include: “Currently currency is the name of the game. And I’m playing it wrong. Realer s–t playing in songs won’t get you on radio spun. But if I get one spin. My chance to show ’em. I win the hearts and souls of millions. My poetry is far from forgery when I spit. I’m trying to reach the mind of a child whose calling it quits.” Dope lines right there and that was a clean transition between the two topics. All in all, this is a sufficient offering.

“Wondering Alone”

The production here is pleasant. It features a sample from Indie Pop band Ivy and their track “Worry About You.” It is a quiet conservative number with sophisticated musical components and a free spirited vibe. The hook  employs the sample as well. The verses are gratifying. Watley serves up a suave flow and noble rhymes. He flawlessly recants the tale of a cherished relationship that falls apart. Memorable lines include: “When you’re gone I know you’re probably walking through the mall. So maybe that’s the reason that you’re missing all my calls. You probably messed around and you left it in your car. Or the music’s turned up as you’re jamming to our song. What was it again? Oh yeah, Lovers and Friends. That day we both vowed to never love another again.” Perfect use of story telling going on within those lines. In the end, this song is a hit and the favorite off of the tape.

**My Two Cents: Watley’s down to earth style and abstract way with words once again delivers. He does still need to work on spicing up his rhymes a bit though. But for the most part, Hip-Hop Addict is an appealing project. The production is upstanding and the content is commendable. Readers looking for some new Hip-Hop with a reserved style and the occasional thought provoking ideas should take a listen to Hip-Hop Addict. Also, be sure to show Watley some love via Twitter. -MinM

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