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Watley F/ LoGo – “Why Am I”

by Miracle

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“Why Am I” F/ LoGo (listen/download)

Readers meet Watley. Watley is an artistic individual from right here in Milwaukee. He represents a movement that goes by the name of Rebel Soul. Rebel Soul is an assortment of artists who pride themselves on having no limitations. The goal of the organization is to prove their skills by creating their own lane and receiving acknowledgement for their talents. Watley’s current contribution to said goal is his upcoming mixtape, Hip-Hop Addict. The tape drops later this month. In the meantime, Watley has released his second single from the project entitled, “Why Am I.”

The production here is quality and mellow. It contains a light piano at work, a gentle bass line, and a carefree vibe. There is no standalone hook. It is more blended in as part of the verses. The verses are suitable. Watley handles the first two parts and LoGo comes in towards the end. Both rappers contribute subdued flows, quirky wordplay, and standard rhymes. They pose some good rhetorical questions that spark thought and share some interesting personal points. However, the lyrics could have been more inventive. As is, they are missing that special something that would really make them pop. Overall, this song is solid. Needs a little edge to it but it has a few bright moments here and there. Please click the link and give it a spin for yourselves though. Hip-Hop Addict is scheduled to drop on the 27th. Until that time readers can get more with Watley here.

**My Two Cents: I thought this song was fair. Watley has a very down to earth style about him which is cool. But it would be nice to hear him pick up his energy a bit as well. Especially representing a movement like Rebel Soul. The word rebel is associated with a more intense type of individual. So I was expecting him to come just a little harder. I’d be curious to hear more music from him in the future. -MinM

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