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Krayzie – “Gone” (The Weeknd Sample)

by Miracle

(Photo By Steve White)

Dynamic Milwaukee duo Krayzie and Steve White are back at it again. They had so much success with their previous remix of “High For This” by Canadian crooner The Weeknd that they decided to take a stab at another one of his tracks. This time around they chose “Gone” from his second EP, Thursday. And it turned out just as well as their first venture. See it for yourself below.



This video centers around Krayzie spending some quality time with a special lady friend. Said lady just happens to be lovely model NiKole Milan. The duo take part in a myriad of activities ranging from cruising around the city in a Range Rover to more intimate affairs in a hotel room. Amidst all of the action, The Weeknd’s signature symbol can be seen on various items throughout the piece. Very creative way to pay homage. Additionally, Steve White worked his magic with the colors and transitions yet again. The most notable being the way he accents the color red in certain shots. It looks very fierce. The video closes out with an advertisement for Krayzie’s upcoming project called Cheers To The Weeknd. Which will feature more of the rapper putting his spin on the beloved R&B singer’s music. Sounds pretty interesting. All in all, this video is a winner. Hats off to Steve and Krayzie on another job well done.

**My Two Cents: This song and video are hot. I like Krayzie’s flow with The Weeknd’s music. Something about the two just go really well together. I am super excited about the upcoming project. And Steve White has great vision. The way he manipulates colors and movement is sick. Readers can keep up with Krayzie here. And can reach out to Steve White on Facebook. -MinM

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