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Affyzzle & Triple S – “Watts” (Song & Video)

by Miracle

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“Watts” (listen/download)

Affyzzle & Triple S are a duo that originally hail from West Africa but currently reside in the United States. In 2008, they were officially added to the Cle De Sol Entertainment family and they have been making moves ever since. Their most successful venture being the release of their current mixtape New World Order. It dropped at the end of last year and has since had over 7,000 downloads. Not too shabby. Recently, they dropped a new single off of the project called “Watts.” Sources report that the title references the bass driven sounds typically heard at clubs and parties. The production here is dramatic. It boasts a strong bass line, some unique sound effects, and a no non-sense vibe. The hook is becoming. The delivery is striking and the lyrics are modest. The verses are sufficient. Both rappers serve up distinguishable flows and acceptable rhymes. They do a commendable job of sharing how they live it up while they “blow a couple watts.” In the end, this song is worth checking out. Comes off as having more of a forceful style then a dance floor one but it is for sure still club/party worthy.

With that being said, the duo released visuals for the single a couple of weeks ago. It’s a sexy, colorful, and lively number that features Affyzzle & Triple S getting it in while surrounded by beautiful ladies. The fellas deliver their respective parts with a ton of spirit and character. And lights seem to be a reoccurring item within the piece. The video closes out with one last shot of a lovely lady, a set of lights, and some brief promotion. Overall, not a bad vision. It represented the theme of the track and that is one of the key purposes of a video. But check it out below and draw your own conclusions. And if interested readers can learn more about Affyzzle & Triple S via their website.


 **My Two Cents: Affyzzle & Triple S have an interesting style to them. They came off a lot more gutter then one would expect. But they are committed to what they do, so one can’t help but to respect it. The track is pretty fair. The video is solid too. However, it could have had a little more substance to it. As is, it’s a bit on the simple side. Not the end of the world though, it just needs some more creativity. Overall, I think Affyzzle & Triple S are a likeable pair. -MinM

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