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Krayzie – “High For This” (The Weeknd Sample)

by Miracle

(Photo By Steve White)

Previously featured artist Krayzie has dropped a brand new single/video that has the masses talking. The track is called “High For This” and it was produced by his partner Steve White. The song features a sample from everyone’s favorite eccentric Canadian crooner The Weeknd and his single of the same title. The production is dope. The slow exaggerated rhythm and deep intoxicating bass create an ill vibe. The hook is also well done. The hook is where the sample is mainly utilized. The vocals have a chopped and screwed like effect that really make the hook pop. And the verses are winning. Krayzie’s flow blends nicely with the beat and his rhymes are solid. Overall, this is a good track. Catch the video after the jump.



Steve White is not only the producer but he put together the visuals for this song too. There is not a set concept for the video but there is a reoccurring theme. The theme is smoke. Steve White plays around with some impressive special effects. Additionally, he does some amazing tricks with the colors and motions in this piece. Putting it all into words won’t quite do it justice but readers can get a good idea of the artistry from the above photo. In the end, this was a really unique and creative project that took the song to a whole new level. It is definitely worth watching.

**My Two Cents: I was blown away by this video. Steve White did an incredible job all around the board. This video served it’s purpose and so much more. The smoke imagery was great, the color effects were insane, and the musicality of the motions/transitions was very clever. I am not surprised at all that this video achieved the ultimate recognition for Hip-Hop videos and made it on the infamous World Star Hip-Hop website. Steve outdid himself on this one. -MinM

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