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Sinista – “For The People” (Poem)

by Miracle

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Since Sinista’s first poem is getting such a good response, figured it was time to share his second piece. This poem too focuses on struggle but it’s less personal and more an ode to everyone out there trying to survive. Go ahead and give it a read.

“For The People”

(Poem By Sinista)

This for the ppl in the streets just struggling to eat
For all the 9 to 5ers who get blisters on they feet
For all the single mothers who get no aid from all the brothers
For the lovers who love lovers who sleep around with others
This for the ppl on they knees prayin for the weak
Who never give up there beliefs although the futures lookin bleek
This for blue rag red rag G’s up Kings and…
Cobras Vice Lords Cholos and the rest man
This for my niggas thats locked down in the pen
And for all the prisoners of this life that we live
For the children who dont know who they father is
How can a man be a man if he himself is still a kid
This for the blind who walk around with sight
Confuse the light for dark and seek the darkness for the light
For the all soldiers who sacrificed they lives
Just to ensure that all pawns were placed right

As mentioned earlier and hinted at in the title, this poem is for everyone going through hard times. It acknowledges people in all walks life, from the single mother to the fallen soldier. The poem takes on a serious tone while touching on real life situations. Like Sinista’s previous work, it is a piece that a lot of readers will be able to connect to in some way, shape, or form. All in all, this is another high quality piece.

**My Two Cents: I enjoyed this poem a lot. I loved the honesty in it and the recognition of all types of people. We all have our differences but everybody faces difficulties throughout their life. And sometimes its nice to see a little empathy shown amongst each other. Good job Sinista. -MinM

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