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Sinista – “Revenge Of The Fallen” (Poem)

by Miracle

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The homie Sinista New Breed recently unveiled his poetic skills and was kind enough to share a couple of pieces here on the site. The first poem reflects a darker side of the usually free spirited talent. Check it out below.

“Revenge Of The Fallen”

(Poem By Sinista)

Where my eyes were once open its dark theyre now shut
Spend half my life hoping to end up with nothing no luck
Prayed to the heavens for a small piece of mind
In return I recieve failures time after time
No steady job caught up in an unemployed mob
Trying not to give up or turn my back on my God
But if a soul is worth a million then temptation got me dealin
Im just tryin to provide for family no longer scrapin for a mealin
Cause hunger pains dont only starve ur stomach they also starve your pride
Trying to make it to this job but child support repo’d your ride
430 in the mornin so I can punch the clock at six
Southbound 15, 18 to the 36
Trying to be loyal your ppl trying to get rich
Catch a quick deal and quickly cut you out the mix
Wonderland white rabbit let the trix stay for the kids
Live in the outerskirts cause of the hood I had my fix
Aint trying to hurt nobody or be on anybodys list
But I know snakes when I see em listen close you hear the hiss
So excuse miss but I must insist
That not every man is worth your interest
Yeah u live in the fast lane but who do u live it for
How many demons wait for you when death comes knockin on your door

This poem reflects the sentiments of an individual whom the hardships of life have taken their toll on. The tone here is very somber. The words tell a story that is unfortunate but one that rings true for a lot people. The last half of the poem contains striking images that leave a lasting impression on the reader. Overall, this was a deep and thought provoking piece.

**My Two Cents: This was a great poem. Sinista really hit home on a lot of topics. Additionally, he painted some awesome visuals towards the end. The last line is especially noteworthy. Kudos to Sinista for showing off his talents with words in a different way. -MinM

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