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Spotlight On: SDC Employment, Training, & Education Expo

by Miracle

(Photo By SDC)

The Illiixer is down to not only support the music scene of Milwaukee but the community as well. Therefore, when certain events take place it is only right to take a moment to share with readers. This coming Thursday (8/23), staple community organization the Social Development Commission is teaming up with 5th District County Supervisor Russell Stamper II. Together the two forces are bringing work and educational opportunities to the city via an expo. The event is being held at the Washington Park Senior Center. The expo is taking place from 10am to 2pm and it is asked that all attendees dress in professional attire. Also, attendees should bring multiple copies of their resumes and a good work ready attitude. Some of the companies that will be on hand include: WE Energies, Patrick Cudahy, City Of Milwaukee, Fox 6 News, Marcus Hotels, and many more. Readers may refer to the flyer for the exact location and drop a line in the comments section below if they have any questions.

**My Two Cents: I love seeing these types of things going on in the city. So many people are out of work and have limited resources when looking for jobs. So expos, job fairs, etc; are much needed. I wish everyone the best of luck that attends. And a salute to SDC and Russell Stamper II for creating this event. -MinM

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