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Neak – “Scheming” (Video)

by Miracle

(Photo By DJBooth.Net)

Neak is a Chicago based Hip-Hop artist with music in his blood. His father performed Soul music and his brother was heavily into Hip-Hop production. Drawing inspiration from the 1980’s, Neak’s music is described as having illustrative wording with themes of diligence and improvement. The Chi-town emcee has a handful of projects under his belt and has appeared on a number of media sites like Fake Shore Drive, Prefix Mag, Earmilk, and more. Currently, Neak is pushing his latest release titled Love Greater / The Prequel.


Earlier this month he dropped the sixth single and set of visuals from the project. The chosen single is named “Scheming.” The song was produced by Slot-A. The video was composed by Aaron Perkins Jr. The setting for the flick is the Chicago area. The core of the video involves Neak journeying around the city at night while getting his rhyme. The scenes are accented by a wide range of special effects. The angles are switched up, there is some splitting action going on, there are a few motion tricks, and the list goes on. The video wraps up with a semi distorted view through a window of Neak walking away. And then of course there is the ever popular promo shots. All in all, this was a simple yet engaging watch.

**My Two Cents: I liked the video but loved the song. The production just has such a groovy feel to it that the listener can’t help but to be drawn in. Top that off with Neak’s pure delivery with legit rhymes and you have a hit. The video fit the vibe of the track really well. If readers want to hear more from Neak, Love Greater / The Prequel can be heard via the provided link. And Neak can be found here. -MinM

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