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After about three weeks of intense promotion and preparation; the two year anniversary celebration officially went down on the 13th at Y-Not III. It was hosted by Kia Rap Princess, DJ Bangaboy Kritakal held down the tables, new face to the family Cyrena Martin (Mahogany Cares) came through in a pinch with sponsored gifts, and the Blaqlizt Music Entertainment team along side The Illixer staff took care of the business dealings. There were a fair amount of supporters that showed up too, ranging from mere fans to some of the 414’s most elite talents such as: Trunk Bussa, Super Ego, Rue The Poet, etc.

(Photo By Facebook) [audio m4a="http://theillixer.com/wp-content/uploads/2013/12/Voice_002.m4a"][/audio] Kritakal On That's My DJ **Editor's Note: The first commentary of the countdown goes out to DJ Bangaboy Kritakal. I truly believe that


484862_586957497986077_1556574889_n(Photo By Facebook)

“The Illixer Freestyle” (preview)

“Class Is In Session Freestyle” (preview)

**Note: That’s My DJ is a new segment that will shine some light on the people behind the turntables. DJs are a key part of the Hip-Hop culture and don’t get as much spotlight as they deserve. Whether its a major event or your favorite rapper’s mixtape, the DJ works hard to entertain the masses and provide support to artists. Now it’s time to return the love.

So without further delay, meet  DJ Bangaboy Kritakal. The site first came across Kritakal while searching for a fresh new DJ for an event. He came highly recommended and it was not hard to figure out why. He served up a ton of personality, played dope music, worked well with the artists, and kept the crowd happy. He’s been the site’s go to guy ever since. Find out what he’s all about after the break.

(Photo By R.A. of BlackWorld Music Group)

On September 28, 2012 The Illixer took over Grainger’s Pub & Grill for the site’s second event of the year. It was titled The Illixer’s Choice and involved 9 previously featured local artists who remain consistent favorites and one guest artist from Chicago. DJ Bangaboy Kritakal operated the one’s and two’s to bring dope music selections during downtime. He also served up a lot of personality. J.D. The Chief and Mista Marcus of Bass Head Music were the hosts and they too helped keep things pretty lively. Of course the Blaqlizt Entertainment team was present and lending their services where they could during the night. They aided in keeping things functional. Couple that with the quality service of the Grainger’s staff and a healthy sized audience buzzing with anticipation. And there was all the makings of a worthwhile night. Check out some of the occurrences that stood out the most after the break.