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Kritakal On That’s My DJ

**Editor’s Note: The first commentary of the countdown goes out to DJ Bangaboy Kritakal. I truly believe that behind any successful event is a top notch DJ. They determine what music is worthy of spinning, set the tone for the night, and are responsible for keeping the crowd engaged. I believe Kritakal does an excellent job in all three areas. I’ve been working with Kal for most of my time running the site and it has been a real pleasure. He is a genuine down to earth guy who has repeatedly demonstrated his loyalty & support for The Illixer. So hit that play button and learn a little bit more about Kal’s journey with the 414’s premiere Hip-Hop blog. Much love to my brothers Kewl & Brew City King for linking me up with Kal last year. And don’t forget the two year anniversary celebration is going down on the 13th at Y-Not III. Doors open at 9pm, show starts at 10:30pm, and there is a $5 cover. The line up is an assortment of old & new faces and we are working on getting some hookah in the mix too. So don’t miss out. OOOOOOOOOOOOOH BABY! -MinM