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Bass Head Music – Dumb Hoez (Album Review)

by Miracle

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Dumb Hoez

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The highly anticipated debut album from local multi-layered group Bass Head Music dropped last month as promised. And they are making the most of their new release. The album dropped on the same day that they took part in the finals for the Battle Of The Bands. Then they kicked off this month by opening up for Tech N9ne and Machine Gun Kelly at The Rave. And they are lending themselves to a wide variety of events throughout the Summer, including an exclusive affair with The Illixer and our friends over at Blaqlizt Entertainment. So what can those planning to catch J.D. The Chief and Mista Marcus in action, expect to hear musically? Let’s dig through some tracks and find out.


This is not a typical intro with just some type of random clip or skit. It’s more like an actual track. The production here is hot. It grabs the listener right away with a deep bass, chilling sound effects, and haunting tone. There is no hook. Mista Marcus starts things off. He did an excellent job. He spits with a clear ominous flow, gruesome wordplay, and impressive lyrics. He really nailed the whole dark theme of the cut. Peep it as he rhymes: “On some Jeffrey Dahmer s–t, eat it all til’ it’s gone. In other words I eat n—as up literally. Serial killer in the game. Ain’t none of you n—as iller than me. I’m bringing my sick s–t to the game. Ain’t none of you lames sicker than me. You n—as more like the common cold. I’m more like MJ’s HIV.” Insane lines right there and they make quite the statement. J.D. The Chief handles the last part of the intro. He too did great. He came with a serious flow, edgy wordplay, and heavy hitting rhymes. He skillfully addressed the controversy behind the album title and broke down the concept. He did a compelling job of getting his point across. Overall, this was an incredible intro and a very strong way to kick off the project.

“Imma Bass Head”

The production here is unique and of high quality. It has an almost futuristic sound. There is an uptempo pace, some deejay scratching, and a chill vibe at work. The hook is solid. It’s more or less repetition of the song’s title. However, the execution was done in a creative manner. The verses are on point. This track consists of Mista Marcus doing his thing on the solo tip. He brings his signature flow, sharp wordplay, and premium rhymes. He speaks a little on being a part of Bass Head Music but also reminds listeners that he’s got his own thing going with his company A.M.I.L. Entertainment. Some memorable lines include: “This one for all the dumb hoes in my business that wanna know if it’s official. Yes muthaf–ka, I’m a bass head. And I’m a hold it down for all the bass heads in the town. Make them proud while I’m screaming out, I’m a bass head. I gotta represent if I don’t it won’t make no sense. They had my back when s–t got thick that’s why I’m a bass head. But I still hold my own. A.M.I.L. Entertainment til’ the day that I go.”  Those lines convey a very honest and straightforward message. In the end, this track is a hit.

“Spit Rockz”

The production here is fire. It brings back the darker aura, similar to the one heard in the album’s intro. It also includes Rock style elements that really help drive home the sinister theme of the song. The hook is top notch. The delivery is smooth and the added effects give it that extra something. The verses are outstanding. This track features J.D. taking his solo turn. He has an effortless flow and exceptional rhymes. He speaks very candidly on his feelings towards the kind of people he is not too fond of. Notable lines include: “Crazy with them weapons too. Don’t make me get reckless dude. .38 special with them chesters that will peck at you. And my aim impeccable. There will be nothing left of you. They gone find ya body like where the f–k is the rest of you? If ya guy with you, I’ll leave him laying right next to you.” J.D. snapped in those lines, probably one of his best lyrical moments thus far. This song is a smash and the ultimate favorite off of the album.

“Where The Party At?”

The production here is fresh. It contains a strong knock, a few different musical elements, and a high energy vibe. The hook is proper. The delivery is clean cut and the lyrics are captivating. The verses are gratifying. Both Mista Marcus and J.D. The Chief handled their business. Each came with a magnetic flow and adequate rhymes. The duo flex their skills pretty tough while sharing with the listener how they like to party. J.D. especially seems to be all about having a good time. Check it as he spits: “Party, party, party, everybody get wasted. Shots after shots and I know my body hates it. But I won’t chase it. Cause my mind loves it. And them girls love it. So lets drink more of it. Got a bottle (got a bottle) and some blunts (and some blunts). We could throw a party anywhere you want.” These are well put together and fun lines from the Chief. All in all, this track is a banger and another favorite off of the album.

**My Two Cents: This album was definitely worth the wait. The fellas crafted a project that had both grade A content and production. Also, each track offers something distinct which is a nice representation of the diversity that Bass Head Music prides themselves on. This is an album that readers certainly shouldn’t sleep on. If the review isn’t convincing enough, the album can be previewed and purchased via the provided link. Also, catch Bass Head Music on Facebook here. -MinM

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