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Bass Head Music – “Heartless”

by Miracle

(Photo By FaygoLuvers.Net)

“Heartless” (Listen & Rate)

Before jumping into this post, wanted to make a slight correction from the previous Bass Head Music feature. The fellas are not just a Hip-Hop group. They do a variety of other types of music as well like: Rap-Rock, Dub-step, House, etc. Just wanted to clarify that piece of information. Never want to sell an artist/artists short. Moving on, Bass Head Music is gearing up to drop a brand new album. This single serves as the album’s debut song.

The production here is hot. It contains a hushed tone, light instruments, and a somber vibe. The instruments include Bass Head Music member Rokkstarr on the guitar. The hook is on point as well. The delivery is easy going and smooth. The lyrics are simple but honest and catchy. The verses are first-rate. They feature members J.D. The Chief and Mista Marcus. Both rappers came with cool relaxed flows, cunning wordplay, and exceptional lyrics. They give off a very blunt/direct tone that makes it perfectly clear that they have no tolerance for a certain type of female. Highlights lines from J.D. include: “If life’s just like a pizza pie, then you better have yo ingredients. If not, well the s–t won’t taste right. But let’s put ’em in the oven and see who wins. Sorry I got that cake b–ch. And hell nah, you can’t taste it. So you could go get a facelift. Get yo make-up and yo hair did. I don’t f–k with them dumb hoes cause I don’t trust them dumb hoes.” Dope lines even though they do come off a little harsh. Overall, this song is a smash. It may offend some but all of the components are premium quality. Plus, the fellas were just keeping it real. One can’t fault them for that. For those readers who do like this cut, the guys need you to do them a big favor. When you click that link don’t just listen to the track but rate it and share it as well. They are trying to get their numbers up. Also, be on the lookout for a video to the single. Got the inside scoop that it’s coming soon. And as mentioned earlier, the single will be featured on the upcoming Bass Head Music album. The album is entitled Dumb Hoez and should be out sometime in May.

**My Two Cents: I thought this was a great track. The production is amazing and I like the rawness from J.D. and Marcus. If the rest of the album is anything like this cut, it’s going to be insane. I can’t wait to hear it and I am looking forward to the video for this song as well. -MinM

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