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Bass Head Music – “Heartless” (Video)

by Miracle

The fellas of Bass Head Music have released their second set of visuals off of their upcoming album. It’s for their previously featured edgy yet dope single “Heartless.” If readers thought the single was crazy, then the video will definitely leave an impression.


This video was directed by Robert McBride. The piece stands out from the very start due to the dark setting and haunting lights. The elements create an ominous atmosphere but it matches the vibe of the production, so it works. The location is an all black space framed in a red curtain, that is sparsely decorated in little red hearts. However, there is one heart that is more prominent then the others due to it’s large size. It is a reoccurring detail in the video. Another reoccurring detail is a seriously deformed cupid. The ghastly cupid is shown in the opening and then just happens to pop up here and there for the remainder of the visuals. The plot for the video centers around a very creepy couple. The couple’s creepiness can be attributed to their masks. The masks are white with hollowed out eyes. Looks like something straight out of your favorite Horror movie. Their emotionless zombie like movements are a bit spooky too. The members of Bass Head Music just kind of randomly appear amidst the couple’s story. J.D. The Chief hangs out in the background during a date between the two and Mista Marcus ends up as the preacher for the couple’s implied wedding. Additional scenes include: J.D. and Marcus vibing out together in blood stained dress shirts, shots of the various characters in a red lighting, the cupid doing an array of antics like playing with a shotgun, etc. The video ends with J.D. and Marcus wreaking havoc on the large heart from the beginning of the visuals. There is a fading shot of the infamous cupid and that concludes the piece. In the end, this was a good but eerie video.

**My Two Cents: I love the Horror genre in pretty much all aspects, so this video was right up my alley. Not quite what I envisioned for the track but it was a quality concept. It was something different and is guaranteed to grab people’s attention. So I think it served it’s purpose well and was a creative way to bring the track to life. The next two months are major for Bass Head Music, so their fans need to note the following information and show love and support. The 19th of this month is the release date of their debut album Dumb Hoez. On that same day, Bass Head Music will be competing in the finals of the “Battle Of The Bands” at The Miramar Theatre. Once they conquer that, the group is set to open for Tech N9ne and Machine Gun Kelly at The Rave on June 1st. It is a highly anticipated show, so fans are encouraged to get their tickets as soon as possible. Click the provided links for more details on the events. The Illixer would like to wish the guys the best of luck in all of their upcoming endeavors. -MinM

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