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A Bad Girls Runway Show: Presented By Monk-bms (Review)

by Miracle



This past Friday (4/27) marked the night of the highly anticipated A Bad Girls Runway Show at Crisp Pizza Bar & Lounge. The doors opened at 10pm sharp. Once past security, guests had a few options. They could lounge around downstairs and enjoy the steady stream of dope tunes being spun by DJ Daddy Longlegs. It was sort of tame and relaxed in the lower area. Or if guests were feeling daring, they could head upstairs right to the heart of the party. The upstairs area was where all of the action took place. The models of the night were hanging out, taking pictures, and creating quite the buzz. There were tons of cameras going off and footage being captured. And the performers of the night: Monk-bms, Rustik, and $killz, were living it up in the upper level too. So there was no shortage of excitement. Though to his credit, Monk spread himself between the two sections as much as he could to interact with all of his guests and make sure things were running smoothly.


Once everyone was comfortable and feeling the vibe, Monk, Rustik, and $killz took the stage for a quick performance. The performance took place in a back area of the upper level on an elevated platform. All three artists came with a ton of energy and charisma. They really got the crowd going. They get major props for doing their thing while being so high up. Quite a few patrons said they themselves wouldn’t have been able to get over their fear of falling. Footage of the trio handling their business can be seen below. The performance was done to promote an upcoming collaboration album from Monk-bms and Rustik. Following the special performance, everyone was ushered back downstairs to the middle of the venue. There a runway had been created for the specially selected tattooed beauties to strut their stuff. And strut they did. Decked out in lingerie that prominently showed off their body art, the ladies owned the moment. They were not shy at all about jamming out to the music and playing to the crowd. With the electric atmosphere and subtle effects like the lighting and fog machine; it was quite the show to witness. The ladies had so much fun, that Monk even jumped up on the runway for a bit. He didn’t look bad on the runway but the ladies worked it better (lol). After one final walk, the runway wrapped up and everyone was invited back upstairs to network and party until closing time. Footage of the ladies can be seen in the above slideshow and video. Overall, it was an entertaining affair.



**My Two Cents: This was my first time attending Crisp and my first ever Monk-bms event. I have to say I was pleased with the night. Crisp is a decent venue and the service was fair. The event itself was on point but not quite what I expected. The performance was great. I do think the stage setting could have been in a more open and controlled space though. The artists were a little packed in and the surroundings were a tad hectic from time to time. The runway show was cool. I was thinking it would be more traditional but that would probably have been a lot less fun and not so fitting of the bad girl theme. I do wish the girls got to model a couple of different looks from like a specific designer that made edgy clothes or something like that though. I just think a set idea or focus would have enhanced things a bit more. But these are just minor critiques. It really was a dope event. Much love to Monk-bms for having The Illixer, looking forward to attending future festivities. -MinM

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