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Ja-Wan Cool – “Bout To Shine”

by Miracle

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“Bout To Shine”

Ja-Wan Cool hails from Baltimore. He began his journey as an emcee at age 15, drawing inspiration from both his local peers and mainstream heavyweights like LL Cool J. Since he picked up the mic, Ja-Wan has spent numerous hours sharpening his skills and sound. His goal is to bring listeners into his world by rapping about his personal experiences and things that the average person can relate to.  His first invitation into his life comes from his debut single, “Bout To Shine” off of his upcoming mixtape Persona.

This track was produced by Shino and engineered by Jones Shorty.  The production here is great. It contains a smooth low toned bass, a mid-tempo rhythm, and a chill vibe. The hook is solid. The delivery is clean and the lyrics are sufficient. However, things could have been a little more lively. As is, Cool doesn’t seem very committed to what he’s saying. If he doesn’t appear to believe in his lyrics, neither will the listeners. The verses are on point. Cool has distinction in his flow and his rhymes are decent. He does a respectable job of sharing some of his personal journey with the listener. With that said, the verses could have been a little more creative. That extra edge to make them really pop is missing. And since this is a debut track it should standout in every aspect. Overall, this was a good first effort. It needs to be touched up a tad but is still a quality song.

**My Two Cents: I thought this cut was okay. I think Cool needs to find a way to bring more energy and character to his delivery/flow. Also, he needs to take his wordplay up just a notch. But since this is his debut single, he has a lot of room to continue to grow and develop. I’d be curious to hear what he sounds like a few years from now. Persona is scheduled to drop later this year. In the mean time, readers can catch Ja-Wan Cool on Twitter. -MinM

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