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Tiki Da Poet – “Still Here!?!?!” (Poem)

by Miracle

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The lovely Tiki Da Poet has decided to share another jewel from her upcoming book Love, Passion (Poems of Love & the Loss of Love) – Book 1. This one plays to the “loss” theme of the book’s title. Give it a read below.

“Still Here!?!?!”

(Poem By Tiki Da Poet)

No matter where I am
I still c ur face
I still feel ur presence
No matter what I say
And who I say it 2
I still hear ur voice
Even when he’s caressin’ me
Kissin’ me…even when he’s lovin’ me
I still feel u next 2 me
Nside me & around me
U haunt me n so many wayz
U r alwayz on my mind
Even when I don’t wanna
Think about u
I still do
Even tho I don’t wanna
I still miss u
I miss everything
About u
Even tho’ u ain’t here w/me
U r still wit me n every way
It’s like…no matter how I try
I can’t shake u
I fiend 4 u everyday
And everynite
It’s like u complete me
N so many wayz
U r like a dream
That I keep chasin’
Just when I think I got u…I lose u

Then reality hits me
I never had ur love
I never had ur trust
I never had ur undastandin
But most of all…I never even had ur heart
And even with that said
I still find myself
Longin’ 4 u at night
Needin’ u w/me alwayz
Lovin’ u even tho’ u don’t love me
Missin’ u n the worse way
And I don’t know why
But I think I’ve fallen 4 u
I haven’t seen u…N months
But I still remember
Everything about u
Ur eyez…Dreamy
Ur smile…So bright
Ur voice…So sensual
And ur body…I mean DAMN!!!
The way u would hug me
How u would kiss me
The way u used 2 make love 2 me
When u would hold me at nite
I could never get enuff of u
I would do anything
Just 2 have that feelin’ all over


The concept of this piece is pretty simple to grasp. It centers around the memories, feelings, and longing one has in regards to a former lover. There is a a very passionate tone to this poem. Also, the imagery is strong. The tone and visuals really come together nicely and give the poem life. This was very well written.

**My Two Cents: This is my favorite poem from Tiki so far. I really like the intensity in certain parts of the poem and the mental pictures created are deep. She definitely increased my interest in her upcoming books with this one. If readers missed them or want to revisit them, Tiki’s previously featured poems can be found here: “Queen & King” and “Dedication to Carol Princess Odom.” Show her some love for sharing her work with us and follow her on Twitter. -MinM

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