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(Photo By Facebook) [audio m4a="http://theillixer.com/wp-content/uploads/2013/12/Voice_003.m4a"][/audio] Tiki On Facebook Tiki As Strawberri Nyketa Tiki & Nini Promotions Def Poetry Speaks **Editor's Note: Tiki Da Poet is no stranger to the site. She


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Been a while since readers were treated to a poetry fix. So decided to share another selection from the vault of Tiki Da Poet. She’s been growing and expanding her brand beyond just writing but it’s always nice to experience what initially brought her to the dance so to speak. The piece is titled “I Can’t Wait” and it deals with the theme of passionately longing for a significant other. Check it out after the break.

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Poetry and Hip-Hop have always had a close relationship. After all, music is basically just poetry tailored to a beat with a hook thrown into the mix. A lot of artists even got their starts via the literary world and then transitioned over into music. So it comes as no surprise that a poet would find inspiration in a rapper. This is the case for the latest selection by Milwaukee based expressive soul Tiki Da Poet. As she is a fan of popular yet controversial underground/indie rapper Tech N9ne, she was moved to dedicate a piece to him. Find out what she had to say in honor of the peculiar Kansas City emcee after the break.

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One of the things that the average person will readily agree on is that there is never enough money to go around. Financial stability requires a daily effort and is often times a struggle. Especially for those in a lower economic class. It’s the reason that the constant thoughtless spending of celebrities ruffles so many feathers. Tiki Da Poet is one of the people who shares that sentiment and has hopes for a better monetary future. She shared her thoughts on the matter in a poem titled “To Be Rich.” Check it out below.

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Martin (The Writer’s Poet) Pounds is a literary mind who was born in the Bronx (NY). He started his venture into the world of poetry while in his early teens. He developed his writing skills during the course of music becoming a part of his life as well. The Writer’s Poet is said to produce alluring hard to forget works from his heart and soul. He deems himself a poetic artist as he needs both writing and music in order to feel whole. He has a respectable collective of both under his belt. He’s released a book, been a part of a collective book, earned a feature in Thematic Literary Magazine and dropped a couple of albums. In fact, it was his debut LP Reality Check that helped launch his career to new heights. His goal is for his words to provide a sense of encouragement to people in the trying times of the world today. Yesterday, he shared a piece with the site titled “Inside My Pain.” Take a peek after the break.