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Tiki Da Poet – “I Can’t Wait” (Poem)

by Miracle

1069066_569155076481775_331167002_n(Photo By Tiki Da Poet)

Been a while since readers were treated to a poetry fix. So decided to share another selection from the vault of Tiki Da Poet. She’s been growing and expanding her brand beyond just writing but it’s always nice to experience what initially brought her to the dance so to speak. The piece is titled “I Can’t Wait” and it deals with the theme of passionately longing for a significant other. Check it out after the break.

“I Can’t Wait”

(Poem By Tiki Da Poet)

Seduce my mind
Mentally stimulate me
Tell me what u wanna do 2 me
Touch me w/o touching me
Make me feel u
Even when I’m not there w/u
I need 2 feel ur love
2 feel ur love all over me
Make me 4get every man
I’ve ever been with
Take all my pain away
Love all my fears away
Feel every part of me
I swear I want u so bad
U got me touching myself
Just by the sound of ur voice
How u tell me the way u
Can make love 2 me
How much u wanna taste me
Just as much as I wanna taste u
U give urself 2 me
Spiritually emotionally
As well as physically
I wanna make love over the phone
As I scream out ur name
And tell u how much I need u
How much I’m in love with u
U take my spirit 2 different heights
Make my soul scream out in ecstasy
Pulling at my heart
I swear I’m in love w/u
Makes me feel so good
When u take me as ur wife
U move my body in ways
I swear I can’t explain
I want u so badly
I can’t wait 2 get 2 u

© Tiki Da Poet © 2012

The format of this piece is pretty much done in Tiki’s traditional writing style. It’s broken down in shorter lines that are filled with deeply rooted salacious expression and imagery. From the very beginning the writing pulls the reader in as Tiki readily voices her desire to be fulfilled by her lover. What makes it so luring is the fact that it’s not just a typical physical craving. The poem develops a scenario that deals with mental, emotional, and spiritual appeasement as well. It provides a striking play on the thought of being enlivened and pleasured in a manner that is in lieu of material contact. Of course there is nothing quite like the actual thing. Which is represented in an underlying fashion throughout the effort. Overall, this is a very intimate and stirring selection.

**My Two Cents: I dig this piece. The way Tiki put her words together, the intensity of her yearning for her better half just oozes from the poem. Also, I like the fact that she touched upon being satisfied in both the physical and non-physical sense. I believe mental and emotional stimulation can be just as attractive as anything else. For more offerings from Tiki along the lines of this one, readers can check out her Strawberri Nyketa page on Facebook. On another note, Tiki has recently branched out into promotions and productions. She co-hosts an online poetry themed radio show and sheds spotlight on talented individuals nationwide. Readers can keep up with her newest venture here. -MinM

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