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Maryann – “Let You Hurt Me” (Song & Video)

by Miracle

9969980406_27087e1ff7(Photo By The N-Crowd Entertainment)

“Let You Hurt Me” (preview)

The N-Crowd Entertainment sent over another single & video from singer/songwriter Maryann not too long ago. It will appear on her upcoming sophomore release Futuristic Always and is entitled “Let You Hurt Me.” N8 The Gr8 worked his magic behind the boards of course for this record. The production turned out charmingly. The quiet infrastructure combined with the Electronic style components and soulful vibe make for an unorthodox but likeable combination. The hook is enjoyable too. Maryann’s vocals are refined and the lyrics are facile. The verses are solid. Maryann’s token vocals are soothing to the ears as she dishes on the nature of a complex relationship via modest lyrics. Overall, this is a choice selection.

The video for this song was directed by N8 himself and Van Dope. Maryann took care of the editing duties. The idea behind the visuals is pretty customary. The camera follows Maryann as she ventures out for the day. She does some cruising, spends some time at a boat dock, and lounges around amidst the rocks & waves. The scenery is gorgeous and provides a striking distinction in comparison to Maryann’s down to earth yet modish demeanor. There are some neat effects done with: transitions, color, motion, and layering that enrich the flick’s aesthetics as well. All in all, this was another finely done piece by Maryann and her team.

**My Two Cents: This was a chill song/video. I liked the tone of the song a lot. Maryann sounded great and the production was very flattering. The content was decent too. The video was quality. It had a polished look to it and I think the easy going theme of it fit the track superbly. I think this was a smart final vision to hit supporters with before the album drops. For more with the Cali diva, check her out on iTunes. -MinM

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