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Cold Vision F/ CRASHprez – “Anti”

by Miracle

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“Anti” F/ CRASHprez (listen/download)

The fellas of Cold Vision (Cold Medina & Original Vision) are back at it again. They released the second single off of their upcoming project, Cantaloupe & Rum. It’s simply donned “Anti” and features a guest appearance from a close acquaintance of the group who goes by the name of CRASHprez. The production here is dope. The firm bass, composed groovy musical ingredients, magnetic rhythm, and informal vibe make for a fresh mixture. The hook is excellent. The delivery is mesmeric and the lyrics tell it like it is. One has to respect the realness of statements like: “I don’t hate the world. I’m just anti everything. Anti Prozac. Anti wedding ring. Anti fraudulence. Anti subtlety. Anti figure. And they all gone f–k with me.” It’s a good straight to the point explanation of the track as well. The verses are legit too. Cold Medina nails the first verse and CRASHprez hammers out the second. Each artist comes with an effortless flow, intellectual wordplay, and significant rhymes. They go into detail about the numerous issues in today’s screwed up society that have caused their anti sentiments. A couple of lines worth pondering from Medina are: “There’s disparities no one ever cares to see. Peep it but don’t speak it. I would never dare to breathe back to the government and every other convenent. Waiting for the day when I get taken by the mother-ship. Blast off, we can circle Saturn’s ring. Sip the milky way elixir and the rapture that it brings. Outside of Earth’s orbit. (…) Drive passed the high schools where all of us were lied to. Where all I ever learned was how to write a fly haiku.” Elaborate perspective being shared in those bars right there. Overall, this song is a hit.

**My Two Cents: This was a strong record. The content was very absorbing and the production was spot on. The trio worked well together and really created something that will entertain the listener while at the same time causing them to think. That’s an awesome impact for a single to have. Looking forward to experiencing what Cold Vision has to offer next. Cantaloupe & Rum is coming to your speakers soon courtesy of Higher Education Records. So be on the lookout. -MinM

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