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Exclusive: Joey Dee & RA F/ Montrey Slayton – “Back In The Day”

by Miracle

1420229_352019234943143_1177072930_n(Photo By Joey Dee)

“Back In The Day” F/ Montrey Slayton (listen/download)

Two very well respected talents in the Milwaukee music scene have joined forces for what is shaping up to be one of the most anticipated collaboration ventures this year. Joey Dee and RA have been fast at work on a project with a title that pits the two against each other. Their first leak off of the upcoming effort, “Swerv” was a huge hit amongst the people and definitely helped to heighten the buzz for the release.

To keep the excitement going, the fellas have decided to leak another single called “Back In The Day.” This one features local crooner Montrey Slayton. The production here is good. The stable foundation, affable musical components, median tempo, and reflective demure vibe work favorably together. The hook is copacetic too. Montrey provides well blended vocals and innovative lyrics. The verses are efficient. Joey Dee takes the lead in the first half and RA locks down the second. Each artist elicits a novel flow, mastered wordplay, and bona-fide rhymes. They pay homage to their crafts and Hip-Hop as they speak on some of their earliest experiences with the art form and culture. A handful of memorable lines include: “Just the sound of the music took him away to a place where he forgot all his problems and fell in love with the bass. This was the start of a chase. A chance to follow a dream of one day rocking microphones and putting on for the team. Promised to study the greats, Biggie and Pun, yeah the lates. Even tried to follow the new but no one fell to his tastes. So he created a style. Something that’s so versatile that he can body any rapper in a cypher for miles.” Those words serve as a great form of expression and story-telling as it relates to Joey’s personal connection to music. Overall, this song is of grade A quality and was definitely worth leaking.

**My Two Cents: As a fan of both Joey Dee and RA, I was excited to hear that they were working on a project together. So far they have more than delivered. “Swerv” is a solid street anthem and “Back In The Day” has more of a diverse appeal. Of the two early releases, “Back In The Day” is my favorite. It shows a versatile side to the pair and the concept behind it was really dope. Also, Montrey was a perfect fit for this particular record. So mad props to the fellas on this one. Looking forward to hearing what else Joey Dee Vs RA has in store. -MinM

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