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The Writer’s Poet – “Inside My Pain” (Poem)

by Miracle

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Martin (The Writer’s Poet) Pounds is a literary mind who was born in the Bronx (NY). He started his venture into the world of poetry while in his early teens. He developed his writing skills during the course of music becoming a part of his life as well. The Writer’s Poet is said to produce alluring hard to forget works from his heart and soul. He deems himself a poetic artist as he needs both writing and music in order to feel whole. He has a respectable collective of both under his belt. He’s released a book, been a part of a collective book, earned a feature in Thematic Literary Magazine and dropped a couple of albums. In fact, it was his debut LP Reality Check that helped launch his career to new heights. His goal is for his words to provide a sense of encouragement to people in the trying times of the world today. Yesterday, he shared a piece with the site titled “Inside My Pain.” Take a peek after the break.

“Inside My Pain”

(Poem By The Writer’s Poet)

Precious thoughts that
was killed by haunting memories
from years past, collecting
every entity of my soul
destroying what was his
purpose of life, seems to
be dying by these darking
spirits. The ramifications became
faint and with a weaken pulse,
shadows of the night hovered
over me to see if I would last.
But only if I just breathe out
the toxins that was built on
vengeance, those unhappy
souls was bent on making my
life a miserable road. Every
riveting detail that was executed, it’s
was my own journey that had me bury
between thoughts of insanity. Boxing
me in like I was a science project
trying to create separation in order
to explain this feeling that
have me lost in the echoes. To
my own point of contention that
stricken me while they wait to
take every thing from the inside.
It wasn’t on pride, but my calling
had it’s own purpose, a never
ending with these battle scars
can only tell the truth of what
my years have become. Suffer
in this agony of defeat only where
my prayers are answer in the
place that I sleep.

2013 © The Writer’s Poet

This piece takes on a weighted tone as it depicts the situation of an ominous internal ordeal. The ordeal is brought to life with intense word choice and very vivid yet somber imagery. The reader is taken to that place of affliction with Martin and can really feel his suffering. The first half of the poem is the most noteworthy. The expression is gripping and the emotion has a subtle sense of personification to it that creates a strong vision. The ending is intriguing as well. The existence of prayer and sleep discreetly imply some sort of peace being found after all the turmoil. As a whole, this was an excellent work.

**My Two Cents: I really fancied this poem. It evoked a sentiment in me and I love writing like that. It takes a certain finesse to get a response out of someone by just simply using words. The Writer’s Poet is talented for sure and it is evident that he creates from a place deep within. I appreciate him sharing his art with The Illixer. If readers like the poem too, they are in luck. Martin shared a spoken word piece from his latest album, The Rock Chronicles and resident poet Tiki Da Poet shared a collaboration piece that she wrote with Martin. Both will be hitting the site very soon. So be sure to check back! -MinM

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