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download(Photo By The Writer’s Poet)

Martin (The Writer’s Poet) Pounds is a literary mind who was born in the Bronx (NY). He started his venture into the world of poetry while in his early teens. He developed his writing skills during the course of music becoming a part of his life as well. The Writer’s Poet is said to produce alluring hard to forget works from his heart and soul. He deems himself a poetic artist as he needs both writing and music in order to feel whole. He has a respectable collective of both under his belt. He’s released a book, been a part of a collective book, earned a feature in Thematic Literary Magazine and dropped a couple of albums. In fact, it was his debut LP Reality Check that helped launch his career to new heights. His goal is for his words to provide a sense of encouragement to people in the trying times of the world today. Yesterday, he shared a piece with the site titled “Inside My Pain.” Take a peek after the break.