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News: Rapper’s Lyrics Lead To His Arrest

by Miracle

Jail Bars and Cuffs(Photo By Google Images)

Virginia rapper Antwain “Twain Gotti” Steward has landed himself in quite the dilemma. He is facing murder, malicious wounding, and weapons charges in the city of Newport News. The 22 year old artist is said to have rapped about a crime he committed in one of his songs. The crime in question is the fatal shootings of 20 year old Brian Dean and 16 year old Christopher Horton.

The double homicide took place back in May of 2007. The case had gone cold for a while but a tip and a YouTube video gave the authorities the evidence they needed to reopen things. The video was of a track released in 2011 which entails Steward bragging about a crime with details identical to those of the double homicide. He described everything from the confrontation that occurred right before the shooting to the specifics on how the victims died. His lyrics were cited in an affidavit that was presented to the court. The video itself has been removed from the web. The information that the police received from witnesses states that Steward and Horton had gotten into a physical fight a couple of days prior to the shooting. Horton and Dean were outside Horton’s home when Steward allegedly showed up to confront them. Ultimately they were gunned down on Horton’s front porch. Horton was shot in the chest and died on the scene. Dean was shot in the head and died in the hospital a day later. The reason for the bad blood is said to be connected to gang retaliation. Steward was arrested early last month and is being held without bond. His preliminary hearing is slated to take place on October 2nd of this year. He has shown no remorse which is made evident in the tweets he is having posted to his Twitter account. Should any further information become available, an update will be done accordingly.

**My Two Cents: This is a sad situation. The lack of regard to the lives lost is disturbing. If Steward is guilty of the murders and was foolish enough to basically confess to it on a track, I hope they place him up under the jail. He doesn’t deserve to be free and roam the streets. This is not the first incident where rappers’ lyrics have gotten them into legal trouble either. Artists need to wise up and we need to do better as a people period. -MinM

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