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Tiki Da Poet – “Queen & King” (Poem)

by Miracle

(Photos By Tiki Da Poet)

This is the second submission from Tiki Da Poet. As mentioned, she has two projects in progress at the moment. This piece will be featured in her book Love, Passion (Poems of Love & the Loss of Love) – Book 1.

“Queen & King”

(Poem By Tiki Da Poet)

 The air I breathe
The sanity n my brain
The blood n my veins
The thoughts n my head
Like a mother 2 a daughter
Like a father 2 a son
Like lovers
Like friends
Like husband & wife
This is 4 life
A bond like no otha
Sumthin’ we should feel
Is sumthin’ so real
Respect, honesty
Trust & loyalty
Makes it easier 2 love
Until the end
We will c it thru
All the hard times
This is sumthin’ special
Sumthin’ real
Sumthin’ I feel

 Sumthin’ u feel
But they don’t
The hataz
They try 2 break us
Apart…But it won’t happen
Cuz we won’t let it
So they can 4get it
We tumble but don’t fall
We continue 2 stand tall
We stick 2getha
Thru tha rain & stormy weather
No matter what 2morrow may bring
I’m ur Queen & u’re my King

TIKI 2012

 This poem is pretty straightforward. It is dedicated to Tiki’s significant other. It paints the picture of a strong relationship that has endured many tests. Again, the graphic version of the poem is displayed above. Like before, readers can click on it and view the full version. The colors and graphic have a very romantic type of feel to them. They compliment the poem well.

**My Two Cents: I enjoyed this piece too. I like the way the words flow and the overall vibe of the poem. I think any guy would feel honored to have this piece dedicated to him. And any woman would be glad to be in such a secure relationship. Tiki has a certain sophistication to her writing that I appreciate. I wouldn’t mind checking out more pieces and might have to cop the books when they are released. Thanks for sharing Tiki! -MinM

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